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(former Romford Stuckists)
Dave Beesley joined the Stuckists in 2002, exhibiting in the Stuckism International Gallery shows and The Stuckists Punk Victorian. He left in 2007 to develop his ideas of Critical Realism. See his web site www.criticalrealist.co.uk.

Clown Fish
(a Painting for Sarah Lucas)
God as Wallpaper
The Possibility of Satire
in an Age of Endless Confusion
The Vagina Monologues
A bit about him in 2002

David Beesley was born in 1978 and brought up in happy town of Romford (which it is, he says without even a hint of irony). He ended up at Reading University studying women's legs, although he was meant to be on a degree course studying Fine Art. Anyway, at Uni his paintings were good and personal, but a tad constrained, because of the academic environment. He's now letting his hair (which he actually doesn't have) down, and finding a new and fun and serious inventiveness and expressiveness in his work.