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Charles Thomson Joe Machine Paul Harvey Ella Guru Jasmine Surreal Annie Zamero
Eamon Everall Philip Absolon John Bourne Mark D Wolf Howard**
Jacqueline Jones
Bill Lewis Chris Yates Jane Kelly Charles Williams Edgeworth
Darren Udaiyan

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Jiri Hauschka*
(Czech Republic)
Jaroslav Valecka*
(Czech Republic)
Elsa Dax
Terry Marks*
Richard Bledsoe*
Ron Throop*
Black Francis*
Artista Eli*
Odysseus Yakoumakis*
Godfrey Blow*
Michael Dickinson
Lupo Sol*
Jonathon* Coudrille
Emma Pugmire*
Adam Crosland*
Remy Noe*
Justin Piperger*
Jenny Westbrook*


Paul Harvey (Newcastle)

Jane Kelly (Acton)

John Bourne (Wrexham)
Jasmine Surreal (Merseyside)
Mark D (Nottingham)

Annie Zamero (Crouch End)

Jacqueline Jones (Cardiff)

Holly Henderson (Facebook)
Jonathon Coudrille*
Chris Yates (Bury) *
Leo Goatley (Gloucester) *
Muswell Hill Other Stuckists *
Shelley Li (Muswell Hill Other)*

Peter Murphy (East Kent) *
Alexis Hunter (Camden) *
Wrexham Stuckists *
Adam Crosland (Swindon) *

Edgeworth Johnstone (Muswell Hill Other)
Rosa Prosperi (Shepherds Bush)
Darren Udaiyan (Cambridge)
Abby Jackson (Oval)
Naive John (Liverpool) *
Anne Forte (Edinburgh)*

Maidstone Stuckists*
S.P. Howarth (Balham)

Roberto Greene (Jersey)
Birmingham Stuckists*
Guy Denning (Bristol) *

Lorden Partial (Wimbledon) *
Richard Conway-Jones (Reading) *
Andrew Galbraith (Waterloo, Liverpool) *
Amanda MacGregor (Loanhead) *
Infinity Bunce (Tottenham) *
Peter Dunne (Stockwell) *
Canterbury Stuckists *
Dawn Clarke (Belfast) *
Theresa Buckingham Hirst (Penmaenmawr)*
John Coyne (Manchester Central) *
Hilary Garnock-Jones (Stratford) *
Anthony Birchwood (Lancaster) *
A. J. Clarke (
Ystalyfera) *
Maryam Hashemi (Enfield)
Lucas Witte-Vermeulen (Bedford) *
Mark Blackbourn (Brighton) *
Jenny Lauren Mohsen (Golders Green) *
Matt Wells (Elgin) *
Julian Christophers (Penryn) *
Sam Fleming (East Belfast) *
Roger Davison (Penzance) *
Chris Searle (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) *


Terry Marks (New York)*
Jaroslav Valecka (Central Europe) *
Godfrey Blow (Perth) *
Elsa Dax (Paris)

Tony Juliano (Connecticut)
Kim Richardson (St Louis Missouri) *
Melbourne Stuckists*
Susan Constanse (Pittsburgh)*
Kentucky Stuckists
Jeffrey Scott Holland (Kentucky)
Jesse Todd Dockery (Kentucky)*
Jesse Richards (New Haven)*
Peter Klint (Hamburg)*
Frank Schroeder (Munich)
Richard Cronborg (Chicago)
Carlos Camus (Chile)

Derek von Essen (Vancouver)*
Alan Mancuso (Aix En Provence)
Roel Renmans (Antwerp)
David Dannov (Long Beach) *
Vanessa Rossetto (Austin Texas) *
Dr Kloot Per W (Brussels) *
Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens) *
Dimitrios (St Martin FWI) *
Jaime Braz (Lisbon) *
Terry Reynoldson (Calgary) *
Leyton Rowley (Arnhem) *
Arthur X (Delft) *
Mike Mayhew (Christchurch) *
Meral Ismail (Stuttgart) *
S.R.Michaud (Minneapolis) *
Asim Butt (Karachi) *
Iracema (Brazil) *
Peggy Clydesdale (Reno) *
Smeetha Boumik (Mumbai (Bombay)*
Anthony Joly (Rennes) *
Hoek Regenbot (Kankaanpää) *
Judy McLaren (Victoria) *
Colin Newman (Oklahoma City) *
Rene Trujillo (Mexico City) *
Chris Hardy (Phoenix) *
Gustavo Alvarez (Medellin, Columbia) *
Nick Treadway (Orange Co., CA) *
Joko Apridinoto (Yogyakarta) *
Maximillian Nikolajevitch (Kraljevo)*

Fons Bloemen (Limburg) *
Alfredo Noyola (Monterrey) *
Mardy Lemmons (Amarillo Texas) *
Samantha Keil (Tuscany) *

Floyd Anthony Alsbach (Missouri Valley) *
Gabriel Darvasi (Lima) *
Zach Ryals (Savannah) *
Zoran Zivkovic (Podgorica) *
Dave Wilson (White Rock) *

Tehran Stuckists *
Ian Stenhouse (Berlin) *

Galicia Stuckists *
Kari Seid (Cape Town) *
Mike Rimbaud (Lower East Side NY) *
Prague Stuckists *
Dylan R. Frey (Missoula) *
Jaff Noël Seijas (Fort Lauderdale) *
E. Yuri Figini (Beppu) *
Cedric Lenaers (Bruges) *

Juliana Tobar Leitão (JUjuice Rio de Janeiro) *
Miami Stuckists *
Nick Christos (Miami) *

Fady Chamaa (Beirut) *
Shelley Li (Shanghai) *
David Fichter (Boston MA) *
Eli Shaw (Malaga) *
Steve Lockhart (Lansing) *

Carl Frederik Waage Beck (Copenhagen) *
Krisstie Byrnne (Brisbane) *
Nasser Palangi (Canberra) *
Richard Bledsoe (Phoenix Arizona) *
Sheherbano Husain (Karachi) *
Bubba VonMax (Phoenix) *

Isaac Abrams (Saugerties) *
Albion Hicks (Corsica) *
Pavel Lefterov (Sofia) *
Shannon Harden (Tempe) *

Montreal Stuckists *
Nevdon Jamgochian (Bangkok) *
Mary Addison Hackett (Nashville) *
David R. Delano (Washington DC) *
Robert Zablocki (Toronto) *
Mike Smith (Chania, Crete) *
John Paterson (Utrecht) *

Wayne Wolfson (Redwood City) *
Black Francis (Amherst) *

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Artists in bold were in The Stuckists Punk Victorian show 2004 at the Walker and Lady Lever galleries, Liverpool.


Stuckism international gallery* selected by the Tehran Stuckists
The Walker Gallery Liverpool* The Stuckists Punk Victorian Show 2004-5 (37 artists)
* A selection of images* 23 UK Stuckists in 2004 (follow link for issue 14)
[broken link] Archive of Real Turner Prize Show 2000: London Stuckists + guests
(Prices of paintngs date from the show and are not current prices.)

Saatchi Your Gallery
The Saatchi gallery has generously opened its pages to all artists. Post your work here

See pages by Stuckists Jeffrey Scott Holland, Abby Jackson, Remy Noe, Godfrey Blow, Michael Dickinson , Terry Marks, Leo Goatley, Andrew Galbraith, Adam Crosland, Dan Belton, Frank Schroeder, Angela Edwards, Jesse Richards, John Bourne, Eamon Everall, Philip Absolon, Mike Mayhew, Tony Juliano, Peter Murphy, Elsa Dax, Jane Kelly, Anne Forte, Edgeworth Johnstone, Jasmine Maddock, Naive John, Asim Butt, Odysseus Yakoumakis, Stuckist co-founder Charles Thomson + guest artist Mark D, friend Mark Vallen and ex Stuckist exhibitors Stella Vine and Gina Bold

Michael Dickinson, Terry Marks, Charles Thomson (twice), Andrew Galbraith, Godfrey Blow (twice), John Bourne, Tony Juliano and Jesse Richards report receiving the following email (27.4.06): "Hello, Very happy to see your work on the gallery site. I am thrilled that the standard is so high from such a variety of artists and hope it will be interesting to gallery owners, exhibition curators and collectors to see such diverse work. All my best, Charles Saatchi" Jesse Richards said, "What a nice man." John Bourne sent a thank you email, but it bounced back.


I record several things about the paintings I see.

From one side I record technical stuff (in order to use it myself) like the colour depth or no colour depth, sfumato or not sfumato, texture, use of perspective etc. etc. I rarely comment on these, even to myself. The more craftsmanship is developed the more these "tricks of the craft" are put in good use. Which techniques are used is irrelevant, none is better than the rest. Craftsmanship is something that is acquired during our entire life-span, and its no big deal even when there's lots of it acquired.

From the other side I record the feelings, messages and ideas conveyed to me by the painting. Their intensity is the important issue not their subject. (I can be awed by an inspired painting conveying messages I totally disagree with) That's something not acquired. Either it's there or it isn't. That's what Art is all about, that's how a child's water-colour tossed away can be great Art. How this is achieved frankly, I have no idea. I can only say it's not a question of craftsmanship. If craftsmanship exists it only intensifies the painting's impact. Perhaps it has to do with the creator's sincerity of intentions, but I have a strong hunch that there is more than that in the play.