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a.k.a Cinderella Snow White Smith
Angela Edwards founded the Notting Hill Stuckists in 2006
but has now disassociated herself from Stuckism and founded "Shitism"

Statement, biography & links





My paintings often explore hard-hitting topics, which I have had previous experience of in a decadent life as a trouble-making trollop, such as the conflict between feminism and the expression of sexual freedom as a woman, class issues such as middle class hypocrisy, poverty in Britain today, rape, unrequited love, violence, violation, drug addiction, Soho low life, homelessness, despair.

Through my art I often encapsulate my own private moments and hope to use painting as a form of attack to change certain unequal aspects of society and to educate. My style is influenced by edgy street graffiti art, Dubuffet, Banksy, the rawness of punk rock music and 50 Cent, the fuck you attitude of Billy Childish and Charles Thomson, conceptual art such as the blatant raunchiness of the Chapman Brothers, the feminist ideals of Sarah Lucas, and the ability to use personal harsh experiences openly such as Tracey Emin.


Angela Edwards came to London from Leyland in Lancashire age 15 with a suitcase and £50, after a disruptive childhood in the social care system. In London she experienced homelessness, drug addiction and intravenous use of class A drugs, hostessing in clip joints, begging and shoplifting. Five years ago she went completely clean and has dedicated herself since to her painting, writing, poetry and acting. In 2006 her essay Will a whole generationís freedom of speech and artwork produced by the lower or working class sector of British society be erased from our history in a Bourgeoisie attempt to cleanse British society's popular culture to represent only the rich or socially unaffected? was published on the Saatchi Gallery web site. She was invited to be one of the initial seven artists to go live on the Saatchi Your Gallery site. She currently lives and works in Notting Hill Gate. She frequently exhibits her work in pubs and other local venues.


Read Angela Edwards' essay online at the Saatchi Gallery:
"I came across a group named the Stuckists I did not agree with their stance on conceptionlist art but the fact that one had been a bank robber and another a fetish dominatrix gave me hope that perhaps this group of degenerates would accept my past no questions asked ...The stuckists did say I had all the right credentials for their radical group"


Angela Edwards had a large show of work in Slough in June 2008 at Gallery 435. See "sex art show" controversy in the Slough Observer, 20.6.08.


Angela Edwards on Saatchi Your Gallery
Angela Edwards on MySpace
Angela Edwards essay on Saatchi site

(These videos have no conection with the Stuckists.)

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