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(Newcastle Stuckists)


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Ex guitarist in punk band Penetration, college lecturer, safe driver

7.5.60 Born Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire
1971-78 Burton Grammar School
1978-82 North Staffordshire Polytechnic: Foundation Art, BA (Hons) Design
1982-85 Moved to London. In post-punk bands. Worked at Our Price and Forbidden Planet
1986-2000 Moved to Newcastle to join Pauline Murray's band. Co-published Mauretania Comics. Taught graffiti art.
2001- Founded The Newcastle Stuckists. Full-time lecturer Art and Design, North Tyneside College.
2002 Curated Stuck in Newcastle, Newcastle Arts Centre. Joined Penetration
2003 Started MA in Fine Art Practice, University of Northumbria
2004 Stuckist Co-curator Members Only: the Artist Group in Japan and Britain with Hiroko Oshima, Ryu Art Group
2004 Featured artist, The Stuckists Punk Victorian, Walker Art Gallery, for the Liverpool Biennial
2006 Go West show, Spectrum London
2007 I Won't Have Sex with You as long as We're Married, A Gallery, London

"You don't think it's tempting fate, saying 'safe driver'? I don't want to die in a horrible accident. Why don't you write 'genius whose talent hasn't been fully recognised'?" Partial to scallops and oysters, obtained by his builder from a secret location in Scotland. Drives to Hull estuary because "I like to go where there isn't anything." Obsessive timekeeper. Pessimistic England supporter. Genius whose talent hasn't been fully recognised.

Painting method

"I use photographs but change the composition on a computer. I project onto canvas, trace the masses with a blue pencil, paint the details freehand with a sable brush, and the larger areas two to four times (for opacity) with Japanese or decorator's brushes. I often change figures to get it right. I paint incessantly at home - paintings take up to three months."

"The Stuckists Punk Victorian" painting

"Originally to promote Stuckists Real Turner Prize Show 2003 - the placard said 'SEROTA NEEDS A GOOD SPANKING'. The figure was from a photo of Emily Mann taken for me by Charles Thomson. Then a guest artist, Gina Bold, who was his girlfriend, got really angry and started a debate about the S&M/fetish allusion. She got really pissed off with me because I didn't agree with her. Then it got a bit nasty - the whole thing was just daft. Then the show got cancelled - and it had all been a complete waste of my fucking time. But the painting didn't matter - I was much more upset about the situation with Gina. Everything seemed a mess. Months later I got excited about the Walker show title and repainted the placard. The painting is like a phoenix from the ashes. It would be nice if Gina finally saw it - and liked it."

The revised version of the painting was used to promote The Stuckists Punk Victorian show at the Walker Art Gallery and the Lady Lever Art Gallery during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial. It appeared outside and inside both museums on large display hangings. It was on smaller printed posters, and also on the cover of the accompanying book published by National Museums Liverpool.

Web site

Web site www.paulharveypaintings.com

Text based on The Stuckists Punk Victorian book (National Museums Liverpool)

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