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Nottingham Stuckists


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Mark D played in punk and indie bands, then turned to collecting and dealing antiques and art, where he progressed from Billy Childish via the Stuckists to Stella Vine, who told him, "go fuck yourself", the catalyst for him to start producing his own paintings in 2005 - some of them parodies of hers - without any previous experience or training. He has since exhibited in Stuckist shows, demonstrated against the Turner Prize and curated a Stuckist retrospective from his own collection. He is married to Tully: they own "the world's largest collection of Stuckist paintings". Collectors of Mark D's work include Paul Vibert.

He bases his artistic philosophy on the punk music one of "3 chords and a cheap guitar to come up with a classic", and names the painters, Alfred Wallis, Bryan Pearce, John Bellany and Stella Vine as influences. Mark D paints with the canvas flat on the floor. His first paintings were a series on artists, including Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Stella Vine, as well as Stuckists and a comment on the Chris Ofili Tate trustee scandal, showing the Tate Chairman, Paul Myners, with a Pinocchio nose. This was followed by a series on celebrities in general.

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