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The Cambridge Stuckists present

The Enemies of Art
Curated by Darren Udaiyan

"The Stuckists are enemies of art" - Jonathan Jones, art critic The Guardian 2.10.09

18-24 March 2010
Jesus Lane Gallery, 18 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BQ
Charles Thomson, Ella Guru, Edgeworth Johnstone, Shelley Li, Darren Udaiyan, Rosa Prosperi and Andrew Galbraith.

Private view 17 March 2010

The Betrayal of Art - by Man. By Darren Udaiyan
Left to right: Darren Udaiyan, Jonathan Jones, Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson, Matthew Collings. Front: John Diamond.
On show in The Enemies of Art

Jonathan Jones in his Guardian blog (18.3.10):
"It's exactly the kind of crassness that made me call them enemies of art in the first place."


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