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March 2000

The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota was an exhibition of Stuckist paintings (including a section relating to the title). Sir Nicholas Serota is the director of the Tate gallery.

It ran from 8 March to 4 June and toured the following venues:
Gallery 108 (East London)
The Arts Club (Mayfair)
The Red Dot Gallery (Ipswich)
The Metropole Arts Centre (Folkestone).
We would like to thank at the four venues respectively: Joe Crompton, Ian Campbell, Louise Montgomery and Ann Fearey. Thanks to Edward Wild, Fundraising Officer for Addaction (drug rehabilitation charity) for instigating the Red Dot show.

In addition to the thirteen members of the Stuckist group the following guest artists exhibited: Jane Kelly, Steve Coots, and members of Students for Stuckism: Susan Finlay, Katherine Gardner, Daniel Pasteiner, Rohan Tesh, Rachel Jordan, Baby Teeth Marge.

Open letter to Sir Nicholas Serota - Read it here
Sir Nicholas Serota replies - click here for full text

Manifestos and show list in the Tate archive.


"sensationally fashionable Gallery 108's forthcoming exhibition of Stuckism"
- The Daily Telegraph (20 Jan 2000)

"Call for Tate boss to quit"
- The Times (4 March 2000)

"Serota in front of a large pair of red underpants"
- The Evening Standard (6 March 2000)

"Tate Gallery director in a state of ...'semi-tumescence'"
- The Express (7 March 2000)

"anti-endorsements of Serota's curatorial decisions"
- Metro London (9 March 2000)

"great art"
- The Daily Telegraph (11 March 2000)

"The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota addresses important, and maybe burning, issues about modern art... the Stuckists... have made it their mission to return modern art to its rightful place in a spiritual and philosophical tradition.

"Angered by the banal and cynical materialism of the YBA (Young British Artists) such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, the Stuckists have called for a return to real concepts instead of empty conceptualism, to real craftsmanship instead of rumpled beds or pickled sharks. And, as an indication of how mainstream the YBA have now become, the Stuckists regard themselves as the outsiders, the mavericks..."
- Gulf News(18 April 2000). Click here for full text.

"behind the humour is also a desire for serious debate... With interest from artists and galleries in Germany, France, Argentina and Australia, plus a student support group from Camberwell School of Art, the movement has definitely struck a chord"
- The Observer (14 May 2000)

"against works by young Britist artists, which they call 'Brit shit'"
- ARTnews (New York: June 2000)

"the public seems pretty impressed, even if the critics aren't"
- Folkestone Herald (25 May 2000)

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