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This page was started in 2007 and lists selected mentions of Stuckism in blogs and similar web formats.
All dates in UK format: day-month-year.
For mainstream mentions, see also press cuttings.

Stuff Is Neat 8.3.10: "Stuckism" - A good discussion based on the manifesto. Charles Thomson responds: "Film it not art; it is film, just as poetry is not art: it is poetry. These things come under the general term of the arts, but have their own unique characteristics. They are not inferior to art; they are just different. Photographs are photography. Art is a useful term to distinguish the hand-made forms of expression - painting, drawing, sculpture - from those employing other means or technologies. That's all.! Link

Jessica Ackeman 11.7.09: "Modern Wall Art and Decor: Perfect For Home Interior" - This type of art includes different art movements and styles such as color field painting, Dadaism, minimalism, op art, photorealism, avant garde, pop art, blue rider art, Bauhaus, and stuckism. Stuckism is one of the latest modern art movements of today. Link

Tim Dean 18.7.08 "How to kill Postmodernism" - "The beginnings have already emerged, in the form of the Stuckists." Link

Artblogbybob 2.7.08: "Along with Childish and other artists, Emin pushed the new art movement of Stuckism, which called for a new appreciation of the figure in contemporary art." An interesting take - either a misunderstanding or a somewhat broader interpretation than usual. Link (Emin info here and here.)

2nd Generation 27.6.08 An interesting account of a meeting with Bill Lewis around 1999 + Tracey Emin and Billy Childish. On The Medway Poets: "There was something of the dereliction of Chatham dockyard, the unplumbed murky depths of the river Medway, the junkies hanging round Rochester High Street long after the tourists had gone." Link

Neville Hobson 19.6.08. on the DesignIT discussion with Jane Kelly and Charles Thomson. Link

Bradley Allen 18.6.08 "Somewhat silly movement for sure, but Iíll always choose such things over conceptual art and postmodernism or any other insincere-ism." Link

Boriswatch 6.6.08. Does Boris Johnson think "traditional" artists are stuck, stuck, stuck? Link

Shii.org, found 22.5.08: "Recently I found out about an art movement called Stuckism. Art historians don't like to talk about it because it undermines their argument that postmodernism is totally awesome." Link

Lara says: "I'm the ideal Stuckist pinup, I managed to get back into painting after a 10 year break thanks to reading the manifesto on your very page! I'm gonna found a group I think, full of my online friends..... " Find her on MySpace.

Mike Towler of the Towler Institute in Tuscany discovers Stuckism. Link (scroll to the clown picture) 10.4.08

Voicevisual. 21.3.08 "A decade of Stuckism". Rupert Mallin again with polemic against Stuckism. "What distresses me most about Thomson's Stuckism is that it has become Post Modernism within Art Schools." Link

Pola messaged Stuckism on MySpace: "I want to be a friend of stuckism because I am sick of going to galleries that exhibit work that a toddler could do, and call it art. I don't think it's fair that people should get paid serious amounts of money for a pile of clothes or a bed, and it makes me angry because I could do exactly the same and no one would accept it. I think people should get recognition for talent and hard work. Also, I am studying A-level fine art and I have to write a personal study about an artist or art movement, and I thought Stuckism would tie nicely into my work." (text used by permission) Find her on MySpace

Artrift 22.10.07. "The End of Stuckism and the Post-Stuckist Manifesto" by Rick Visser. Link

Socialist Unity 5.10.07. "Stuckism: Progressive or Reactionary?" Rupert Mallin, an old acquaintance on the prowl. Link

Tom Flynn 4.10.07. Falls asleep contemplating the Stuckists Link. Then hits back at a reply to his blog (5.10.07). Link.

Imomus aka Momus aka Nick Currie 29.7.07. References Stuckism re. the ghastly Jonathan Meese. Link

spikedonline.com 7.4.07. Emily Hill references Stuckism on Mark Wallinger. Link

Rupert Mallin blog 29.3.07. "The Assemblists make me yearn for Stuckism." Link

Void of course 24.3.07. The search for Paul Harvey. Link

jpgmag.com 20.3.07. Photo of Stuckism manifesto point 5.by Nexus Christos. Link

artoffiction.blogspot.com 18.3.07. "A Stuckist painter, unable to comprehend that the failure of their argument is not Painting vs. other artforms". Link

danielnorth.blogspot.com 11.1.07. Daniel North on the Stuckists in What makes a sustainable movement? , plus Ruh Roh, I pissed off some Stuckists... (12.1.07), where Elaine K. Bond says: "I used to read English news papers and first saw Stella Vine at The Saatchi gallery...then, when I saw the Stuckists' paintings, I thought: "oh, they're painting like Stella Vine!" I didn't know that she was married to Mr Thomson and was inspired by the 'Stuckist School.'"

no-pasaran.blogspot.com 10.1.07. Repugnant Turner Prize. Link

friendorfaux.vox.com 10.1.07. Emily Mann "leather stewardess". Link

hollyfoundationfun.blogspot.com 26.12.06. "The Stuckists, Chadwick and Penn!" + later posts. Link

Rebecca's blog 29.11.06. "If this is their definition of static, great. I still think that that the majority of their work is fabulous." Link

Guardian blog 29.9.06. The Cook, the Tate, his waste and art lovers - Jonathan Jones on Beryl Cook and Piero Manzoni. Persian is accused by MrBullFrog of being a Stuckist. Link

Sonic Youth Gossip 5.9.06. Tokolosh says, "Some of the artists of the Stuckists movement really appeal to me. I like the approach they have to art. Charles Williams, William Redgrave, Gina Bold and of coarse Sexton Ming's provocative work." Pics of work by Charles Thomson and Sexton Ming, lyrics by Childish from Art or Arse. Link

Edward Winkleman 28.8.06. A long thread on Stuckism. Link

Wet canvas 26.8.06. An extended debate started by Argb. Link

Sameidenticalsun 25.8.06. Alan Hay sparked off by an exhibition by the Brighton Stuckists and Dan Belton. Link He returns to the subject the next day. Link.

Art for a Change 2.6.06. Mark Vallen on the Tate hang of the UBS collection. Includes special Stuckist post. Link

Faggus on DeviantArt 16.5.06 Stuckism thread. Charles Thomson says: "I respect Emin's achievement of a
successful career, just as I do with a friend of mine who is a successful floor tiles salesman"

speakeasy - engineered 13.4.06 "the next -ism for all of you artworld cronies isn't going to be a style. It is a sponsor's taste. The leading daddy warbucks right now is SAATCHI-ISM! After a hostile take over of the 'stuckists' manifesto in 2003 Saatchi rode the market wave in aiding the return of painting." Link

Saatchi Gallery forum May/June 2006 A user calling themselves "freedom" launched a series of vituperative attacks on Stuckism (the best yet). A sample from one thread is: "Self-promoting stuck artists ... sad fuckers ... demanding the resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota ... you make me sick" here [link now broken] and from another: "stand outside the tate to get another bit of publicity for yourself..when you've finished why don't you write a few letters to all the artists whose careers you're milking and say how happy you are that you've caused them misery and hope that the next time they take a blade to their wrists it will hit the vein. and then..go around and tell people how spiritual you are. you people make me sick." here. [link now broken] There is more information on this, including the involvement of Angela Edwards, at 3ammagazine (5 paragraphs from the end). Stuckists were also mentioned on these threads: here, here , here, here and here [links now broken]

Notso emoboy 30.7.05 "I have a new found love for Stuckist artwork. They are this British group of artists who apply the techniques of artists such as Picasso and Lichtenstein to present day topics. Their was this big article about them in the Times 2 days ago about their work being denied being exhibited in the Tate museum. They said that it wasnt modern enough and that it was not original. Though their technique may not be unique, the way they chose to apply it to present day ideals is." Link

The All Electric Kitchen 21.9.02. "I'm not a stuckist by choice but I guess that's what I am. I am of course referring to that most recent of art movements that seeks to go forward by being retro. If it weren't for the fact that I'm a starving electronic musician with a disability or 2, then I'd probably never have even heard of this Suckist movement. But since I am, and every mother fucker on the planet tries to take advantage of me in one way or another, I'm well and truly "STUCK"." Link

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