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This page is a guide to some of the study of Stuckism in the educational field.
It lists a small selection of students who have contacted us for information. This is by
permission of the named student. Nobody who contacts us is listed wihout permission.
Send information about your course/thesis for this page to stuckism@yahoo.co.uk

If you are a student needing research material on Stuckism see here.
See also Essays for work by Stuckists, and google books, google scholar


Stuckism, Punk Attitude and Fine Art Practice: Parallels and Similarities". Paul Harvey, doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.(2012). Information and thesis download here (Northumbria University site)


"Le cinéma remoderniste : Histoire et théorie d'une esthétique contemporaine." [French language]. Florian Maricourt, l’Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle, France. The first comprehensive history of the Remodernist film movement, by French filmmaker Florian Maricourt. M.A.J., 26.5.2014. The thesis can be cited on the condition of mentioning the source and the author, Florian Maricourt. View here [Google docs]. Email: florian.maricourt@gmail.com

"Profile on Ella Guru" ("on someone who is well-known in the field of the arts/popular culture"). Reena Dusila, MA in journalism, London College of Communication 2007.

"Transgressive Art Movements" (focusing on Stuckism). Colin Ferguson, MA in Social Anthropology and Sociology, Glasgow University 2006. Email: csferguson@btinternet.com

"Saatchi, Serota and Stuckism - the battle for the soul of punk" - Paul Harvey (Stuckist artist and former member of punk band Penetration). Find it as word doc (11 pages) here. Comparisons between Stuckist and punk philosophy, also with reference to Hirst, Emin etc. MA (Fine Art) University of Newcastle 2005. Email johnnytreble@yahoo.com

Stuckism - Shani Clarke (Media Course Leader Southampton City College). Currently being written. MA (Media) Southampton Institute 2005. Email Shani.Clarke@Southampton-City.ac.uk

The Advent of Photography: Catalyst For The Commodification of Art? - Paula Garcia Stone. Mentions Stuckism in relation to Charles Saatchi. MA Creative Technology. University of Salford 29.5.05. Online here.

"Architecture Vs. Punk Rock: a Distillation of the DIY Ethic Across Different Media" - Brian Scott. Cites Stuckism. MA (Architecture), McGill School of Architecture, Montreal 2003. Thesis pdf here, google html cache here. Email black_douglass@hotmail.com

"Re-enchantment of Art Therapy", a talk at Exeter Arts & Therapy Conference, 23.3.2002, by Marilyn Miller, studying for an M.A. in The Arts in Society, University of Gloucestershire. Email: mm.m [then @] virgin.net


Dada. Dissertation. Sarah Dower, BA (Hons) Illustration, London Metropolitan University, 2013. Email: sarahdower AT hotmail.co.uk

Portraits of Stuckist artists. Georgina Hall is painting "a series of portraits of Stuckists. I am fond of your work and am doing this as a homage to the movement." Final year, Fine Art BA, Leeds Metropolitan University, October 2008.

"'Artists who don't paint aren't artists'. The Turner Prize, the Stuckists and the condition of art in the twenty-first century" Naomi George, listed in Honors Dissertations Database, School of Art History, University of St Andrews', Scotland, as of 3 November 2007.

Contemporary art. Second year History of Art lecture, addressing Britart and Stuckism. St. Andrew's University, Scotland, 2007.

"Stuckism: Art Against Art Against Art" Paper and presentation, available here. Adam Sullivan, Capstone Course, Art History, Youngstown State University, 2006. Email: newnnails@yahoo.com

"The manifesto: What is its significance to the British Stuckist movement?" Third year dissertation. Caitlin Graham, BA in History of Art, Department of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, 2006. fin3cmg@leeds.ac.uk

"Critically assess the legal and policy implications of the issues raised by the article appearing in The Times on Thursday 22nd Sept 2005 which reports the purchase of art by the Tate Gallery from one of its trustees: 'Tate pays its own trustee 600,000 for ape paintings' " Set title. (Stuckism quoted) Ryan Dale, third year Trusts Law dissertation, the University of Warwick 2006. R.C.D.Dale@warwick.ac.uk

"Naive John: Camp Allegories and Metaphorical Paintings in Stuckism" - Ian Wylie, third year BA (Hons) Art History Studies at John Moores University Liverpool, 2006.

"Contemporary issues and groups in society" :second year project (highlighting principles and ideas of Stuckism). Matt Haigh, BA Graphic Communication, School of Art and Design, Cardiff. Email: matt_haigh@hotmail.com

"Turner Prize 2000" - Alexandra Heath. Including Stuckist views. BA (Illustration), second year essay, Southampton Institute (Solent University) 2006. Email: sasha193@hotmail.com.

"After Postmodernism: Habermas, Stuckism and the Authentic in Art" - Xander Thomas. "Questions whether the established art institutions have let down the populace and whether through movements like Stuckism we can re-define art and develop a new future for the paradigm." BA (History of Art), final year dissertation, University of Gloucestershire 2005. Email alex_t4444@hotmail.com

"Brit Art, Mass Media Culture and the Stuckist Alternative" (working title). William Leach. "How Brit Art is brought to the public through the mass media and the effects this has on it. Comparison with Stuckist theory and practice." Final year dissertation BA (History of Art) Courtauld Institute 2005. Email williamleach@hotmail.co.uk

"Charles Thomson: Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision, 2000" - Amy Weston."I looked specifically at the context/role of the painting, its construction, a visual analysis - style etc, satire, and issues of value." Birmingham University, BA History of Art, final year dissertation 2005. Email blue_nun_709@hotmail.com (Painting here)


Essay on Stuckism - Louise Hilton, Foundation Art and Design, Southport College, 2006. tinkabel234@hotmail .co.uk


"Art and Design" - Davies Laing and Dick College, London, A2 level 2007, Stuckism interview for essay on "Art and Argument". Alex Gully. Email towerofsongsonny@aol.com.

"History of Art" - Wellington College, England. A2 level, 2007. "we were watching a video on the Turner Prize when it was presented by Peter Blake. He said that he was invited by the Stuckists to dress up as a clown outside ... Then we watched a video on Jake and Dinos Chapman and their outspoken views. After the video my teacher handed us out a sheet on Stuckism ... to draw parallels between the views of the Chapman's and Stuckism" - Victor Seaward. Email seawarvf@wellingtoncollege.org.uk

"Was Britains's Revival of Modern Art just a Creation of the Wealthy?" - Thomas Mitchell. "Looking at the success of the YBA's and how their popularity was created. Stuckism cited as an alternative to conceptual art." St Helens School, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. A2 coursework, History of Art 2006. Email: bockermobile@hotmail.com


Does the Process Validate the Product? Seminar Project, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, November 2007. Quotes Charles Thomson's criticism of Simon Starling's Shed Boat Shed (2005 Turner Prize). See http://processvproduct.blogspot.com


An international conference will take place in October 2006 at the invitation of Prof. Colin Fallows, Chair of Research at Liverpool School of Art and Design. The programme will be led by Naive John, founder of the Liverpool Stuckists, and will include talks by artists, musicians, poets, and historians (programme details to be confirmed). There will be an accompanying exhibition in the 68 Hope Gallery at Liverpool School of Art and Design (John Moores University Gallery) , and also a publication. Art historians, artists, critics and students interested in attending, email Naive John info@naivejohn.com

"William Blake, Our Contemporary?" - book being researched (with a chapter on the Stuckists) by Barnard Turner, Associate Professor, Academic Convenor, European Studies Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore. Email ellturne@nus.edu.sg

Web site created by Anna Lau as HATII Multimedia Presentation and Development Project 2001 on the Turner Prize. Stuckist information and demos here (+ preceding and following pages). University of Glasgow.


Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dublin, BA Fine Art, Practical Support Studies 2006

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Art History area in the Division of Art & Design, Department of Visual & Performing Arts. BA degree in Art History. Tutor Elizabeth K. Menon, Postmodernism Schedule, painting, 24 March 2005 + 16 February 2006. Also photos of Stuckism International Gallery by Elizabeth Menon.

University of Southampton Library online, Fine Art: selected site

Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Online discussion site

University of Central Lancashire Library online, Art and Design Internet Resources, Contemporary Art Practice

Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. Lisa Bulawsky, Associate Professor of Art, Area Coordinator, Printmaking and Drawing, College and Graduate School of Art, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art.
GUERRILLA - INTERVENTIONIST - POLITICAL Art Links. (Link to Stuckist manifestos under "manifestos") Ms Bulawsky emailed, "I have enjoyed checking out the other links on your page. Great work."

Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire Interactivity: contemporary art and new media, 1975 - present
Professor David Getsy Department of Art History, 23 Oct 2003, The 'Young British Artists' phenomenon and its malcontents.

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