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Paintings by Stuckists at
Spectrum London
77 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 6RF

6 Oct - 4 Nov 2006, Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat 11am - 3.45 pm
Charles Thomson, Joe Machine, Paul Harvey, Ella Guru, Peter McArdle,
Philip Absolon, Wolf Howard, Bill Lewis, Eamon Everall and Elsa Dax
Essay by Edward Lucie-Smith
+ artists' work

(Link to web archive)
The original Spectrum London site on the
Stuckist show can also be found at
The Design Well

Spectrum London is closed as of 2008.

Some Private View photos on londonart.co.uk
Photos of the show on www.paulharveypaintings.com/SpectrumOct2006.htm
36 page book with 40 colour illustrations and essay by Edward Lucie-Smith available. Details here.
The first West End show for the Stuckists
Your Gallery blog editorial (Saatchi Gallery) (22.8.06)
"Royden Prior, director of Spectrum, says: 'These artists are good and are part of history.'"

This week's movers and shakers in the art world. 19.9.06

8. Charles Thomson (new entry) - He did what everyone left bitter after a relationship ends dreams of doing. He dedicated a whole exhibition to his beautiful and talented ex girlfriend, fellow artist Stella Vine. The only snag was he painted her completely naked.

Art-chart by Stuart Semple (scroll down).

"Charles Thomson has criticised Saatchi's new show, USA Today, branding it 'a jumble sale of miscellaneous tat' and has challenged the public to see both shows and judge for themselves."
Gallery on www.telegraph.co.uk (18.9.06)
Rachel Campbell-Johnston endorses Stuckists in The Times (3.10.06):
"The Turner Prize has got stuck ... The Stuckists are indeed stuck — even worse, they are stuck being Stuckists."

Stuckist quote on the Turner Prize in the Daily Telegraph (3.10.06)
Stuckist paintings sell, Market News Daily Telegraph (3.10.06)
Online gallery of work from the show in the Daily Telegraph
Naked ambition has harmed the Stuckists (16.9.06)
The Independent

Stella Vine, the husband, the art and the Stuckists (3.9.06)
The Independent on Sunday

Or read it here. More on Ms Vine here
Stuckist gallery in Guardian
(and also on the Internet archive
Stripper paintings of Stella Vine in Stuckist show, The Observer (27.8.06)

Stuckist quote on Tracey Emin at Venice Biennale, Independent on Sunday (27.8.06)
"Getting stuck in"
- The Guardian (24.9.06)
"Stuckists, scourge of Britart, put on their own exhibition"
- The Independent (23.8.06)

Also here & in The New Zealand Herald
"Modern art is pants"
- Evening Standard (22.8.06)

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Current debates (join in): edwardwinkleman blog + wet canvas

Ella Guru interviewed by Richard Quest of CNN International at GO WEST

Edward Lucie-Smith (left) at GO WEST private view.
Paintings: Joe Machine (centre), Charles Thomson (right). Photo: Marian Mestanek.


Philip Absolon • Elsa Dax • Eamon Everall • Paul Harvey • Wolf Howard • Ella Guru • Bill Lewis • Joe Machine • Peter McArdle • Charles Thomson

Michael Dickinson, Stuckist artist, was jailed in Turkey for 10 days for a collage. A folder of his work was available to view at GO WEST.
Video interview on More 4 here.
Story in Guardian here.
See new dog collage which Michael Dickinson showed in court and for which he was jailed here.
Background on Michael Dickinson here.