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This is the web site of the first Stuckist group co-founded in 1999 by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish (who left in 2001).
It was founded in England with 13 artists. When other artists were interested in the ideas of Stuckism, we encouraged them to form their own groups, over 200 of which now exist in more than 50 countries. These groups are listed below. They are listed in an order for our convenience, i.e. our local groups first. If you think they should be listed in a different order, as Hamed Dehnavi does very vehemently, you are welcome to do so on your own web site and you can put your local or regional groups first for your convenience, if you wish, or if you are a PC-zealot, you can list them all alphabetically or draw them out of hat.

It should be noted that all these groups exist because they were independently founded. They remain independent and self-directed, and practise their own interpretation of Stuckism. Inclusion is for information purposes only and does not necessarily indicate agreement with, or approval of, any group, individual, or external web site by this web site.

A note on "Stuckism International". This does not exist as an entity, despite more protestations from Hamed Dehnavi. Just "Stuckism" exists. Stuckism is based on a philosophy manifested practically. The epithet "International" is merely descriptive, not part of any formal title. Anybody who thinks it is must have delusions of grandeur. In fact it was added tongue-in-cheek, but some people don't have much of a sense of humour. It is, to labour the point, just saying that Stuckism is international - which, the perceptive viewer will by now have realised, is a tautology.

See also Starting a Stuckist group • Online groups and forums • Stuckist Paintings


London - Acton • Balham • Brixton • Camden • Clapham • Crouch End • Ealing • Enfield • Golders Green • Hampstead • Harrow • Havering • Highbury • Kentish Town • Manor House • Muswell Hill • Other Muswell Hill • Oval • Shepherd's Bush • Soho • Stockwell • Stratford East • Tottenham • Tooting • West Hampstead • Wimbledon

England - Barnstaple • Bath • Bedford • Birmingham • Blackpool • Brighton • Brighton Seaside • Other Brighton • Bristol • Burnley • Bury • Cambridge • Canterbury • Caversham • Dartington • East Kent • East Sussex • Folkestone • Gloucester • Gravesend • Harlow • Ipswich • Lancaster • Leeds • Leicester • Liverpool • Lizard • Penryn • Penzance • Waterloo (Liverpool) • Macclesfield • Maidstone • Manchester • Manchester Central • Merseyside • Middlesbrough • Newcastle • Newcastle-Upon-Tyne • North Kent • Nottingham • Oxford • Reading • St Helens • Sheffield • Southend • Stanford-le-Hope • Sudbury • Swindon • Thurrock • Tunbridge Wells • Wednesbury • York

Argentina - Buenos Aires | Austria - Vienna | Australia - Adelaide • Brisbane • Canberra • Melbourne • Newcastle • Perth • Sydney | Belgium - Antwerp • Bruges • Brussels | Brazil - Brasil • Rio de Janeiro • JUjuice Rio de Janeiro | Bulgaria - Sofia | Canada - Calgary • Montreal • Toronto • Vancouver • Victoria • White Rock | Chile - Chile | China - Beijing - Shanghai | Colombia - Bogota • Medellin| Czech - Bohemia • Prague • Prague 7 • CentralEurope | Denmark - Copenhagen • Danish | Finland - Kankaanpδδ | France - Aix En Provence • Blois • Blois • Marseille • Paris • Paris Latin Quarter • Rennes | French West Indies - St Martin FWI | Georgia - Tbilisi | Germany - Berlin • Goettingen • Hamburg • Munich • Stuttgart | Greece - Athens • Chania | Guyana - Georgetown | Holland - Arnhem • Delft • Limburg • Utrecht | India - Mumbai | Indonesia - Yogyakarta | Iran - Tehran | Ivory Coast - Abidgan | Ireland - Dublin | Israel - Tel Aviv | Italy - Bologna • Tuscany | Japan - Beppu • Kanto • Tokyo | Jersey - Jersey | Lebanon - Beirut | Mexico - Mexico City • Monterrey | Montenegro - Podgorica | New Zealand - Auckland • Christchurch | Northern Ireland - East Belfast • Belfast | Pakistan - Karachi | Peru - Lima | Poland - Zagan | Portugal - Lisbon | Russia - Moscow • St Petersburg | Scotland - Edinburgh • Elgin • Glasgow • Loanhead | Serbia - Belgrade • Kraljevo | Slovakia - Slovak | South Africa - Cape Town | Spain - Barcelona • Catalonia • Galicia • Madrid • Malaga • Seville | Sweden - Orebro • Stockholm | Switzerland - Zurich | Thailand - Bangkok | Turkey - Istanbul | Ukraine - Kiev | USA - Albany NY • Amarillo Texas • Amherst • Austin Texas • Central Illinois • Boston • Central Kentucky • Chicago • Chicago Loop • Colorado Springs • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Fort Lauderdale • Jacksonville • Kentucky Mooleyville • Lansing • Long Beach • Los Angeles • Miami • Minneapolis • Minnesota • Missouri Valley • New Haven • New Orleans • New York • Lower East Side New York • Missoula • Nashville • Oklahoma City • Olympia (Washington) • Orange County (California) • Philadelphia • Phoenix • Phoenix Arizona • Phoenix Guerilla • Pittsburgh • Reno • Redwood City • St Louis Missouri • San Diego • San Francisco • Saugerties • Savannah • Seattle • Tempe • Tulsa • Washington DC • | Wales - Bangor • Cardiff • Penmaenmawr • Swansea • Ystalyfera • Wrexham

Other: Students | International - Underage • Guerilla | Centres - Lewenhagen, Germany | Defunct

Groups are listed below under countries in the order they were founded in that country. Information is provided as last known. Web addresses not linked in the list below were non-active when last accessed.
Emails are now being listed as "example [then @] yahoo.com" to avoid spamming.
This should be changed to example@yahoo.com to use it.


The Stuckists Est. 1999. Founders: Charles Thomson, Billy Childish (left 2001). Further info . Contact: Charles Thomson Tel: 020 7613 0988. Email: stuckism@yahoo.co.uk Web site: www.stuckism.com

Students for Stuckism Est. 2000. Founders: Katherine Gardner, Susan Finlay, Rohan Tesh, Daniel Pasteiner, Matthew Robinson. Further info

The Dartington Stuckists Est. 2000. Founders: Andrew Edwards, Keith Cook, Richard Taylor  Tel: 07939 870525 .
Email: info@ak12.co.uk Web site: www.ak12.co.uk
Further info

The Oxford Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Nichollas Hamper Tel: 01865 251267 . Email: nhamper@aol.com +

The Manchester Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: John Greer. Email: jgreer@uclan.ac.uk

The Middlesbrough Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Ian Lightfoot. Email: lightfooti@hotmail.com

The Muswell Hill Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Steven Taylor Tel: 020 8883 9963

The Newcastle Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder:Paul Harvey. Email: johnnytreble@yahoo.com
Web site: www.paulharveypaintings.com + Paul Harvey
(old site)

The North Kent Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Bill Lewis. Email: philip_absolon@yahoo.co.uk

The Maidstone Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Remy Noe. Email: remy@remynoe.com
Web site: www.geocities.com/maidstonestuckists
+ new site here

The Folkestone Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: John Hosking. Email: awhat0@yahoo.co.uk

The Clapham Stuckists est. 2001. Founder: Benjamin Prosser Tel:020 7720 8478

The Southend Stuckists Est.2001. Founder: Daniel Pincham-Phipps. Email: southendstuckists [then @] yahoo.co.uk Web page: Daniel Pincham-Phipps

The East Sussex Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Georgia Hayes. Email: ccl.hayes@aol.com

The Brixton Stuckists Est. 2001. Founders: Michelle England, Lara Brook. Email: gigglemich@hotmail.com

The Thurrock Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Paul Harrison . Email: p.s.harrison@bushinternet.com

The Havering Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Kieron Farrow  Tel: 07889 2727760 

The Hampstead Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Edna Weiss. Email:will.ed@virgin.net

The Tooting Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Michael Kidd Tel: 020 8947 0523

The Reading Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Richard Conway-Jones. Email: richard@conway-jones.co.uk

The Crouch End Stuckists Est. 2002. Founders: Annie Zamero. Email: anniezamero [then @] gmail.com
Web site: www.anniezamero.co.uk

The Macclesfield Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Looi Moore. Email: Looi.Moore@salford.gov.uk  

The Harrow Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Oscar Estevez. Email: oscarestevez129@hotmail.com

The Leeds Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: William Dickerson. Email: williamjdickerson@hotmail.com

The Cambridge Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Darren Udaiyan. Email: dudaiyan@nofear.org
Web site: www.udaiyan.com

The Acton Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Jane Kelly. Email: jane.kelly6@btopenworld.com
Web site: www.stuckism.com/KellyJane

The Ealing Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Ian J. Burkett. Email: ijb_art@hotmail.com
Web site: www.ianjburkett.co.uk

The Birmingham Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: John Sullivan. Email: john@localart.org.uk
Web site: www.localart.org.uk/work_by_.htm

The Bath Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Lisa Freeman. Email: leeesar.freeemaaan@gmail.com

The Balham Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: SP Howarth Phone: 07709 766718

The Wimbledon Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Lorden Partial. Email: lordenpartial@hotmail.com
Web site: http://smogcreatives.co.uk/lorden

The Liverpool Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Naive John. Email: naivejohn@blueyonder.co.uk
Web site: www.naivejohn.com

The Ipswich Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Daryl Bates. Email: dazzabates@yahoo.com

The Sudbury Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Michelle Carter. Email: Miloca0708979@hotmail.com

The Harlow Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Dan Luckin. Email: dluckin [then @] yahoo.com
Web site (best way to leave messages): www.myspace.com/deluxeartwork

The Manchester Central Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: John Coyne. Email: reflectorhead [then @] googlemail.com
Web site: www.artreview.com/profile/reflectorhead

The Wednesbury Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Alex Maczkowski. Email: km004g1115@blueyonder.co.uk

The York Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Jo Pullar. Email: jo_space109@hotmail.com

The Bristol Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Guy Denning. Email: guydenning@gmail.com
Web site: www.guydenning.org.uk

The Enfield Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Maryam Hashemi. Email: mahashemi2001.@yahoo.co.uk

Web site: www.maryamhashemi.com

The West Hampstead Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Zofia Stodulska Tel: 020 7813 3884

The Blackpool Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Arst. Email: Flotsom7@aol.com

The Stratford East Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Hilary Garnock-Jones. Email: hilarygj [ then @] yahoo.com
Web site: www.hgarnockjones.webs.com

The Merseyside Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Jasmine Maddock. Email: imaginationjas@yahoo.co.uk
Web site: www.ArtWanted.com/wonderful

The Tunbridge Wells Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Steve Coots. Email: stevecoots@hotmail.com

The Oval Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Abby Jackson. Email: jacksonboulevard@yahoo.co.uk
Web site: www.abbyjackson.co.uk

The East Kent Stuckists Est. 2005. President: Peter Murphy. Email: MurphyPe@aol.com
Web site: http://petermurphyicons.com

The Swindon Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Adam Crosland. Email: adamthebrave@hotmail.com
Web site: www.adamcrosland.com

The Soho Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Paul Aldous. Email: paul@aldousdesign.com

The Gloucester Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Leo Goatley. Email: leogoatley@hotmail.com
Web site: www.leogoatley.co.uk

The Nottingham Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Mark D. Email: mark [ then @] planeta.freeserve.co.uk
Web page:

The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Edgeworth Johnstone. Email: nevermindpaul@hotmail.com
Web site: www.omhstuckists.com + www.edgeworthjohnstone.co.uk.

The Sheffield Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Jodie Hiley. Email: ArtOfTiamat@aol.com

The Tottenham Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Infinity Bunce. Email: infobunce@gmail.com
Web site: www.infinitybunce.com

The Waterloo (Liverpool) Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Andrew Galbraith. Email: agalbraithartist [then @] gmail.com
Web site: www.andrewgalbraith.co.uk

The Other Brighton Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Enzo Marra. Email: enzomarra1975 [then @] yahoo.co.uk Web site: http://angelfire.com/ok5/littlegrowl/egallery1

The St Helens Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Arfius Arf. Email: LordARFIUS@Yahoo.com
Web site: www.thehallofoverlord.com

The Stockwell Stuckists Est. 2007. Founder: Peter Dunne. Email: peterdunne56@hotmail.co.uk
Web site: www.peterdunne.eu

The Canterbury Stuckists Est. 2008. Founders: Kellie Hogben, James Dunn. Email: canterburystuckists [then @] yahoo.com Web site: www.canterburystuckists.tk or www.geocities.com/canterburystuckists

The Camden Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Alexis Hunter. Email: hunteralexis@hotmail.com
Web site:www.alexishunter-paintings.co.uk + www.alexishunter.co.uk

The Bury Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Chris Yates. Email: christopheryates [then @] yahoo.co.uk
Web site: www.geocities.com/saffiesangel/BURY-STUCKISTS

The Stanford-le-Hope Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Marian Mestanek. Email: marianmestanek [then @] yahoo.co.uk

The Barnstaple Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Colin Shaddick. Email: colin.shaddick [then @] btinternet.com
Web site: www.inclusifolk.com

The Leicester Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Roy Wilson. Email: royart04 [then @] aol.com

The Highbury Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Emma Pugmire. Email: david_norris [then @] fastmail.fm

The Burnley Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Georgina Hall. Email: georgina.hall [then @] yahoo.co.uk
Web site:

The Caversham Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Dan Hedges. Email: dandotnet [then @] yahoo.co.uk
Web site:

The Shepherd's Bush Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Rosa Prosperi. Email: rosa_pro2000 [then @] yahoo.co.uk
Web site: www.stuckism.com/Prosperi

The Lancaster Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Anthony Birchwood. Email: adhuk [then @] live.co.uk
Web site: www.anthonybirchwood.yolasite.com

The Gravesend Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Mary Hamill. Email: mary.h4 [then @] btinternet.com

The Bedford Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Lucas Witte-Vermeulen. Email: stuckism [then @] lucaswv.com
Web site: www.lucaswv.com

The Brighton Stuckists Est. 2011.  Founder: Mark Blackbourn. Email: stuckism [than @] firmgently.co.uk
Web site: www.firmgently.co.uk/?section=artwork
+ www.facebook.com/MarksMarkings

The Golders Green Stuckists Est. 2011.  Founder: Jenny Lauren Mohsen.
jennylaurenmohsen [then @] yahoo.co.uk Web site: www.jlmartworld.com

The Penryn Stuckists Est. 2011.  Founder: Julian Christophers. Email: Julian [then @] tbeard3.orangehome.uk
Selection of work: www.emergallery.com

The Manor House Stuckists Est. 2011.  Founder: Rich Fielden-Watkinson. Email: art_waves [then @] hotmail.com

The Lizard Stuckists Est. 2011.  Founder: Jonathon Xavier Coudrille. Email: coudrille [then @] gmail.com
Web site: www.coudrille.com

The Benzano (Penzance) Stuckists Est. 2011.  Founder: Roger Davison aka Eric Von Braun.
Email: roger.i.d [then @] hotmail.co.uk Web site: www.rogerdavison.weebly.com

The Brighton Seaside Stuckists Est. 2012.  Founder: Lee Christien. Email: L.P.Christien [then @brighton].co.uk

The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Stuckists Est. 2012.  Founder: Chris Searle.
Email: Searledesign [then @] yahoo.co.uk Web site:

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The Buenos Aires Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Nacho Flotta. Email: nachoflotta [ then @] hotmail.com


The Vienna Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Alex Forster aka Cabrςn. Email: alforst@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.cabron.us


The Melbourne Stuckists Est. 2000. Founder: Regan Zero. Email: regan99@hotmail.com
Web site: http://regan09.tripod.com/ART/
More info

The Newcastle Stuckist Stonecarvers Est. 2001. Founder: Graham Wilson. Email: mail@carvedgreenman.com
Web site: www.carvedgreenman.com

The Perth Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Godfrey Blow. Email: godfrey_blow@yahoo.com.au
Web site: www.godfreyblow.com

The Adelaide Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Kay Bridge. Email: stuck@myself.com

The Sydney Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Rone Waugh. Email: rone9 [then @] bigpond.com

The Brisbane Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Krisstie Byrnne. Email: krisstie [then @] brisbaneartworkshops.com.au
Web site: www.brisbaneartworkshops.com.au

The Canberra Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Nasser Palangi. Email: npalangi [then @] gmail.com
Web site: http://nasserpalangi.com

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The Antwerp Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Roel Renmans. Email: roelipilami@yahoo.com
Web site:http://roelipilami.port5.com

The Brussels Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder:Dr Kloot Per W. Email: jungleklan@pandora.be
Web site: www.klootperw.com/graphics.html

The Bruges Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder:Cedric Lenaers Email: cedric [ then @] lenaers.org
Web site: www.lenaers.org


STUCKafé Brasil Est. 2001. Founder: Iracema Brochado. Email: zoociety@gmail.com
Web site: http://iraworld.cjb.net or http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/asteroid_xf15/

The Rio de Janeiro Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Monica Bez Blatter.
Web site: www.bezblatter.com

The JUjuice Rio de Janeiro Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Juliana Tobar Leitγo.
Email: julianatobar [then @] hotmail.com.
Web site: http://jujuice.wix.com/jujuice#!

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Sofia Est. 2011. Founder: Pavel Lefterov. Email: pavellef [then @] abv.bg
Web site:www.saatchionline.com/pavellef or www.artbreak.com/search?q=pavellef

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The Vancouver Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Derek von Essen. Email: vonessen@telus.net
Web site: http://www.derekvonessen.ca

The Calgary Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Terry Reynoldson. Email: jreiserm@ucalgary.ca
Web site: www.treynoldson.com

The Victoria Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Judy McLaren. Email: kjmclaren@shaw.ca
Web site: www.judymclaren.com

The White Rock (British Columbia) Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Dave Wilson. Email: daviddavid [then @] shaw.ca
Web site: http://www.asingularcreation.com/Gallery/index.php?cat=26538

The Montreal (fr) Stuckists Est. 2011. Founder: Martine Birobent. Email: birobine [then @] youyou.ca
Web site:

The Toronto Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: Robert Zablocki. Email: zablocki.rob [then @] gmail.com
Web site:

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The Chilean Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Carlos Camus. Email: aacamus@bellsouth.cl
Web site: http://espanol.geocities.com/aacamus

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The Beijing Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Richard Todd. Email: richard@pop.netchina.com.cn

The Shanghai Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Shelley Li. Email: shanghaistuckists [then @] hotmail.com
Web site:

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The Bogota Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Lucia Chaves Minnig. Email: thebogotastuckists@yahoo.com

The Medellin Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Gustavo Alvarez. Email: hipocoonte@yahoo.com
Web site: http://gustavoadolfoalvarez.zenfolio.com

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The Prague Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Robert Janαs, Ph.D. Email: rjanas@centrum.cz
Web site:

The Prague 7 Stuckists (Holešovice) Est. 2005. Founder: Kip Allan Bauersfeld. Email: kip@bauersfeld.cz
Web site: www.bauersfeld.cz/stu1.htm

The Bohemia Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Jane Dunn. Email: janemddunn@yahoo.com

The Central Europe Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: Jaroslav Valecka. Also Jiri Hauschka. Email: jaroslav.valecka [then @] centrum.cz
Web Site: www.valecka.eu/stuckismus

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The Danish Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: John Geggie. Email: john@geggie.com
The Copenhagen Stuckists Est. 2010.
Founder: Carl Frederik Waage Beck. Email: info [ then @] paintshooter.dk
Web site:

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The Kankaanpδδ Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Hoek Regenbot. Email: regenbot@gmail.com
Web site: http://regenbot.org

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The Paris Stuckists Est.2001. Founder: Elsa Dax. Email: wagnoir@hotmail.com
Web site: http://www.infres.enst.fr/~dax/misc/mythology + http://www.newartportfolio.com/elsadax

The Marseille Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Michel Castaignet . Email: tranchedefoie@wanadoo.fr

The Aix En Provence Stuckists Est.2003. Founder: Alan Mancuso. Email:info@alanmancuso.com
Web site: http://www.alanmancuso.com

The Paris Latin Quarter Stuckists Est.2005. Founder: Veronique Bessard Sachs. Email: vbs@veroniquebessard.com Web site : www.veroniquebessard.com

The Blois Stuckists Est.2005. Founder: Colin Wild. Email: colincolette@hotmail.com

The Rennes Stuckists Est.2006. Founder: Anthony Joly. Email: anthony.joly@wanadoo.fr
Web site: http://anthonyjolypaintings.wifeo.com

The Corsica Stuckists Est.2010. Founder: Albion Hicks. Email: albion.hicks [then @] orange.fr
Web site: www.albion-hicks.com

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The St Martin FWI Stuckists Est.2004. Founder: Dimitrios. Email: info@dimitrios-art.com
Web site: www.dimitrios-art.com

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The Tbilisi Stuckists Est.2008. Founders: Sophie Kilasonia, Levan Mindiashvili. Email: skilasonia [then @] gmail.com. imindiashvili [then @] yahoo.com. Web site: www.thetbilisistuckists.freewebweb.com

GERMANY  National site: www.stuckismus.de See also Centres.

The Munich Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Frank Schroeder. Email: frank@franklin-arts.com
Web Site: www.franklin-arts.com

The Hamburg & Sylt Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Peter Klint. Email: klintkunst@web.de
Web site: www.portraitfirma.de

The Stuttgart Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Meral Ismail. Email:meralis@gmx.net
Web site: www.apollopark.de/meral.html

The Goettingen Stuckist Photographers Est. 2005. Founder: Christian Malsch. Email:C.Malsch@web.de

The Berlin Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Ian Stenhouse aka KowboyKunstler aka Sonntagsmaler.
Email: kowboykunstler [then @] yahoo.com


Athens The "Romantic Anonymous" Fellowship: Athenian Group of the "Stuckism International" Movement of Fine Artists. Est. 2004. Founder: Odysseus Yakoumakis. Email:  info@stuckism-athens.org
Web site: www.stuckism-athens.org  

The Chania Stuckists (Crete)
Est. 2012.
Founder: Mike Smith. Email: howlinwillf [then @] hotmail.com
Web site: http://mikelsmith.tripod.com


The Georgetown Stuckists Est. 2011. Founder: Sheona Josiah. Email:  sheona.bell [then @] talktalk.net


The Arnhem Stuckists  Est. 2004. Founder: Leyton Rowley. Email:  info@rowley.nl
Web site: www.arnhemstuckists.ontheweb.nl

The Delft Stuckists  Est. 2004. Founder: Arthur X. Email:  elizabeth_kaskens@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.arthurx.org

The Limburg Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Fons Bloemen. Email: info@fonsbloemen.nl
Web site: www.fonsbloemen.nl

The Utrecht Borderland Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: John Paterson. Email: john [then @] oldwillowmead.com
Web site: www.oldwillowmead.com 

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The Mumbai (Bombay) Stuckists  Est. 2006. Founder: Smeetha Boumik. Email:  smeethabhoumik@vsnl.net
Web site: www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/s/sbhoumik

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The Yogyakarta Stuckists  Est. 2007. Founder: Joko Apridinoto. Email:  apridinoto@yahoo.com
Web site: www.artmajeur.com/apridinoto

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The Tehran Stuckists  Est. 2007. Founders: Hamed Dehnavi, Pouya Haghani, Hamid Hemayatian, Pouria Hezaveh. Email: stuck [then @] tehranstuckism.ir Web site: www.tehranstuckism.ir

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The Tel Aviv Stuckists  Est. 2011. Founder: Kipnis Mark. Email: kipnismark [then @] gmail.com 

IRELAND Also see Northern Ireland

The Dublin Stuckists  Est. 2001. Founder: Kenny Hickey. Email:  Kenny_K75@hotmail.com  

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The Bologna Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Kat Evans. Email: katherinemarieevans@hotmail.com

The Tuscany Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Samantha Keil. Email: sam [then @] vallico.net
Web site: www.vallico.net/tti/tuscany_stuckists.html

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The Abidgan Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Mafa Bamba. Email: zivabrid@hotmail.com


The Tokyo Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Johnny Miller. Email: johnny-tae@msg.biglobe.ne.jp

The Kanto Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: laura nakagawa. Email: lauranakagawa@mac.com

The Beppu Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: E. Yuri Figini = EYF-Art. Email: elioyuri [ then @] yahoo.de
Web site: http://eyf-art.com

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The Jersey Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Roberto Greene. Email: positivejunk@hotmail.com
Web site: tarbooosh.tripod.com

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The Beirut Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Fady Chamaa. Email: fadfad60 [then @] gmail.com
Web site:


The Mexico City Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Rene Trujillo. Email: t39ms7x0 [then @] gmail.com

The Monterrey Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Alfredo Noyola. Email: noyola@yahoo.com
Web site: www.1206artecontemporaneo.com


The Podgorica Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Zoran Zivkovic . Email: zoranzi [then @] t-com.me
Web site:


The Christchurch Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Mike Mayhew. Email: m.mayhew@paradise.net.nz
Web site: www.mayhew.co.nz

The Auckland Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: Josh Hamilton. Email: jham07 [then @] whicadmail.ac.nz

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The Belfast Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Dawn Clarke. Email: clarke76@msn.com
Web site: www.dawnclarkepaintings.com

The East Belfast Stuckists Est. 2011. Founder: Sam Fleming. Email: sam.fleming [then @] sky.com
Web site: www.samfleming.co.uk

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The Karachi Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: Asim Butt. Web site: http://digitalconsciousness.com/artists/AsimButt/
Asim died in 2010. The group was re-started in 2011 by Sheherbano Husain. Email: sheherbano_h [then @] hotmail.com Website: www.sheherbanohusain.com

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The Lima Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Gabriel Darvasi [died 2011]. Email: gdarvasi [then @] yahoo.com
Web site: www.gabrieldarvasi.com

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The Zagan Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Przemyslaw Matecki. Email: mateckitoja@wp.pl

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The Lisbon Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Jaime Braz. Email: jaime.braz@tugamail.com
Web site: www.jpob.no.sapo.pt

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The St Petersburg Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Igor. Email: glazzov@lenta.ru
Web site: http://stuckizm.narod.ru

The Moscow Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Elena Kartintseva. Email: lenak@blueyonder.co.uk

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The Edinburgh Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Anne Forte. Email: ciaobabymia@yahoo.com
Web site: www.anneforte.com

The Loanhead Stuckists Est. 2006 Founder: Amanda Macgregor. Email: amandamacgregor@theleadballoon.com
Web site: http://www.amandamacgregor.theleadballoon.com

The Elgin Stuckists Est. 2010 Founder: Matt Wells. Email: m_g_wells [then @] yahoo.co.uk
Web site: http://mattwellsart.blogspot.com

The Glasgow Stuckists Est. 2012 Founder: Ross Van Gogh. Email: rossvangogh [then @] hotmail.co.uk

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The Begrade Stuckists Est. 2007. Founder: Vladislav Scepanovic. Email: vscepanovic@gmail.com
Web site: www.vladislavscepanovic.com

The Kraljevo Stuckists (Impulsive Painters est. 2003.) Est. 2007. Founder: Maximillian Nikolajevitch.
Email: proxima@fastmail.fm Web site:http://impulsive.netfirms.com http://impulsive.3000mb.com

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The Slovak Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Peter Takac. Email: petertakae@yahoo.co.uk
Web site: http://stuckism.webnode.sk

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The Cape Town Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Kari Seid. Email: fabaart [then @] telkomsa.net
Web site: www.capetownstuckists.co.za and www.southafricanartists.com/home/KariSeid

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The Seville Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Esther Andicoberry. Email: estherandicoberry@hotmail.com

The Madrid Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Felix Nieto Raya. Email: fenirablues@hotmail.com

The Barcelona Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Alfons Freire. Email: alfonsfreire@hotmail.com
Web site: www.stuckismbarcelona.com

The Catalonia Stuckists Est. 2007. Founder: Cesar Aguilar Gazquez (Raηe) Others: Olivier Brozille documentation) Albert Samso Collaborators: Silvia Agusi Cristina Trias. Email: racecaguilar@yahoo.es
Web site: http://catalonianstuckists.blogspot.com

The Galicia Hartista Stuckists Est. 2008. Founders: Mariano Casas, Carmen Martνn, Miguel-Anxo Varela
Email: info [then @] hartismo.com Web site: www.hartismo.com

The Malaga Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Eli Shaw
Web site: http://artistaeli.com Email: artistaelishaw [then @] yahoo.co.uk


The Stockholm Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Kristina Bäck. Email: Stuckholm@hotmail.com

The Orebro Stuckists Est. 2006. Founders: Torbjorn Larsson and Puck Thyen. Email: stuckinorebro@hotmail.com


The Zurich Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Joel Sassoon. Email: c/o stuckism@yahoo.co.uk

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The Bangkok Stuckists Est. 2011. Founder: Nevdon Jamgochian. Email: nevdon [then @] nevdonjamgochian.com
Web site: www.nevdonjamgochian.com


The Istanbul Collage Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Michael Dickinson. Email: michaelyabanji [then @] gmail.com
Web site:


The Kiev Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Oxana Bondar. Email: oxana.bondar [then @] googlemail.com


The Pittsburgh Stuckists Est. 2000. Founder: Susan Constanse. Email: constanse@earthlink.net
Web site: www.users.sgi.net/~constant

The Central Kentucky Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Jeffrey Scott Holland e-mail: clowncake@hotmail.com
web site: KY Stuckists See also: Jesse Todd Dockery • Jeffrey Scott Holland • Jeffrey Scott Holland (old site)

The Seattle Stuckists Est. 2001. Founders: Brett Hamil, Jeremy Puma. Email: bretthamil@hotmail.com
See: www.BrettHamil.com

The New Haven Stuckists Est. 2001. Founders: Jesse Richards, Nicholas Watson.
Email: newhavenstuckists@yahoo.com
website: www.stuckfilm.com.

The New Orleans Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Barry Goubler. Email: barrygoubler@hotmail.com

The New York Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Terry Marks. Email: terry@artgalny.com
Web site: www.terrymarks.net

The Minnesota Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Dan Murphy. Email: mnstuckists@yahoo.com
Web site: http://mn-stuckists.8m.com

The Delaware Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Wilson Lakanuki. Email: wilsonlakanuki@aol.com

The San Diego Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Joe Morse. Email: cochese8@excite.com

The Chicago Stuckists Est. 2001. Founder: Richard J. Cronborg. Email:Corndog48@aol.com
W eb site:www.cronborgart.com

The Connecticut Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder:Tony Juliano. Email: agooart@hotmail.com
Web Site: www.agooart.com

The Florida Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder: Selena'liunde. Email: fl_stuckism@hotmail.com
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/fl_stuckism

The San FranciscoStuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Frank Kozik. Email: frankkozik@sbcglobal.net

The Long Beach Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: David Mark Dannov. Email:thegrumpp@mybluelight.com
Web Site: www.davidmarkdannov.com

The Austin Texas Stuckists Est. 2003. Founder: Vanessa Rossetto. Email: vanessa@pervertedlogic.com
Web Site: http://www.pervertedlogic.com/pserv

The Albany NY Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Mark Wilson. Email: dayton1783@yahoo.com

The Philadelphia Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Anthony D. Palumbo. Email: palumboartist@hotmail.com

The St Louis Missouri Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder: Kim Richardson. Email: keek.richardson@gmail.com
Web site: www.keekart.com

The Kentucky Mooleyville Sculpting Stuckists Est. 2005. Founders: Meg White, Don Lawler.
goldirocks@sculptorstwo.com Web site: www.sculptorstwo.com

The Minneapolis Stuckists Est. 2005. Founder: S.R. Michaud. Email: shane@studiomichaud.com
Web site: www.studiomichaud.com

The Reno Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Peggy Clydesdale. Email: peg@ghosttraveller.com
Web site: www.whitetrashart.com

The Chicago Loop Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Yoshi (Gakumei Yoshimoto). Email: Jyoshi917@yahoo.com
Web site: http://groups.myspace.com/chicagoloopstuckists

The Los Angeles Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Anon. Email: stuckinla@la-stuckism.com
Web site: www.la-stuckism.com

The Olympia (Washington) Stuckists Est. 2006. FoundersJoseph Coon and Vince Verbatim. Email: bc98532@aol.com

The Oklahoma City Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Colin Newman. Email: cnewman1234@yahoo.com
Web site: www.iamadot.org/colin

The Colorado Springs Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: David Graham. Email: wer2chosen@yahoo.com
Web site: www.cosart.blogspot.com

The Tulsa Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Allen Herndon. Email: m_herndon@sbcglobal.net
Web site: www.geocities.com/m_herndon@sbcglobal.net/index.html

The Phoenix Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: Chris Hardy. Email: wallflower.studios@yahoo.com
Web site: www.wallflowerart.com

The Central Illinois Stuckists Est. 2007. Founder: Robin Grant. Email: c/o stuckism@yahoo.co.uk

The Orange County of California Stuckists Est. 2007. Founder:Nick Treadway. Email: ntreadway@msn.com
Web site: http://360.yahoo.com/alienempire_90631

The Amarillo Texas Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder:Mardy Lemmons. Email: mardy [then @] mardylemmons.com
Web site: www.mardylemmons.com

The Missouri Valley Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder:Floyd Anthony Alsbach. Email: falsbach [then @] sbcglobal.net
Web site: www.alsbach-art.com

The Savannah Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder:Zach Ryals. Email: zak.ryals [then @] gmail.com
Web site: www.jamuse.com/ViewPortfolio.aspx?userID=597

The Fort Lauderdale Stuckists (and St. Remy, Provence) Est. 2009. Founder: Jaff Noλl Seijas . Email: jaffseijas [then @] hotmail.com
Web site: www.jaffseijas.com

The Lower East Side New York Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder:Mike Rimbaud. Email: mikerimbaud [then @] gmail.com
Web site: www.mikerimbaud.com

The Jacksonville Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder:Virginia Andow. Email: virginiaandow [then @] gmail.com
Web site: http://vandow.wordpress.com

The Missoula Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Dylan R. Frey. Email: dylan.frey [then @] umontana.edu
Web site: http://the-silent-war.blogspot.com

The Miami Stuckists Est. 2009. Founder: Nick Christos. Email: nick.christos [then @] gmail.com
Web site:

The Boston Massachusetts Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: David Fichter. Email: muralista [then @] earthlink.net
Web site:

The Lansing Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Steev Lockhart. Email: steve666[then @] hotmail.com
Web site: http://steevlockhartart.moonfruit.com

The Phoenix Arizona Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Richard Bledsoe. Email: improbable.art [then @] gmail.com
Web site: http://improbable.art.googlepages.com Affiliated with Deus Ex Machina, the southwest's first Remodernist gallery.

The Phoenix Guerilla Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Bubba VonMax. Email: Max [then @] BubbaVonMax.com
Web site: www.bubbavonmax.com

The Saugerties Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: Isaac Abrams. Email: iabrams [then @] hvc.rr.com
Web site: www.isaacabrams.com

The Tempe Stuckists Est. 2011. Founder: Shannon Harden. Email: chanonista [then @] gmail.com
Web site: http://shannonharden.com

The Nashville Stuckists Est. 2011. Founder: Mary Addison Hackett. Email: maraddhac [then @] gmail.com
Web site: http://nashvillestuckists.blogspot.com

The Washington DC Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: David R. Delano. Email: davidrdelano [ then @] me.com
Web site: www.delanoart.com

The Redwood City Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: Wayne Wolfson. Email: wwolfson [ then @] aol.com
Web site: www.waynewolfson.com

The Amherst Stuckists Est. 2012. Founder: Black Francis. Email: blckfrncs [then @] gmail.com
Web site: http://amherststuckists.com


The Wrexham Stuckists Est. 2001. Founders: John Bourne, Elfyn Jones. Email: john.bourne1@virgin.net
Web Site: http://stuckismwales.co.uk
. Old site, see here

The Swansea Stuckists Est. 2002. Founder:Jane Hanley. Email: jane@tallyho.bc.nu

The Cardiff Stuckists Est. 2004. Founder:Jacqueline Jones. Email: jacquelinejones67@yahoo.co.uk
Web site: http://gator1040.hostgator.com/~jacqueli/ Also:
www.welshpaintings.co.uk/gallery/JacquelineJones/P1.htm - http://freespace.virgin.net/a.karau - http://web.onetel.com/~akarau

The Bangor (Wales) Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: John East. Email: jeaster@dircon.co.uk
Web Site: www.jeaster.dircon.co.uk

The Penmaenmawr Stuckists Est. 2008. Founder: Theresa Buckingham Hirst. Email: buckinghamhirst@tiscali.co.uk
Web Site: www.highercreations.com

The Ystalyfera Stuckists Est. 2010. Founder: A. J. Clarke. Email: mr.ajc [then @] hotmail.com
Web site: http://stuckismystalyfera.moonfruit.com + www.myspace.com/stuckismystalyfera

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The Underage Stuckists  Est. 2006. Founders: Rebekah Maybury and Liv Soul.
Email: underage_stuckists@hotmail.com
Web site: www.myspace.com.

The Guerilla Stuckists Est. 2006. Founder: unknown. Web site: www.myspace.com

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Centre of Remodernism and Stuckism, Lewenhagen, Germany Est. 2007. Founder: Mary von Stockhausen. See here. Email: marylewenhagen@yahoo.com Web site: www.atelierlewenhagen.de Tel: 0049 5502 910 829

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Defunct groups
The Kingstone Stuckists (2000) Founder: Charlotte Gavin
The Westminster Stuckists (2001) Founder: Stella Vine
The Notting Hill Stuckists (2003) Founder: Piers Butler
The Notting Hill Stuckists (2006) Founder: Cinderella Snow White Smith (aka Angela Edwards).
Email: artang@hotmail.co.uk
Web page: www.stuckism.com/Edwards
Web site: www.myspace.com/cinderellasnowwhitesmith

The Romford Stuckists (2003-2007) Founder: David Beesley. Email: dangerousdavebeesley@hotmail.com
Web page: Dave Beesley
The Kennington Stuckists (2006-2007) Founder: Frederico Penteado.
The Gateshead Stuckists Est. (2003-2008) Founder: Peter McArdle. Email: Maidenvoyageprod@aol.com
Web page: Peter McArdle
The Camberwell Stuckists (2006-2008). Founder: JSB Hawkins. Email: artist@jsbhawkins.com
Web site: http://www.jsbhawkins.com
The Colchester Stuckists (2003-2009). Founder: Maria Tidball-Binz. Email: m_tidball_binz@hotmail.com
Web site: http://www.theartroom.tk

The Tel Aviv Stuckists (2004-2009). Founder: Lafi Degany. Email: lafi_degany@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.lafidegany.com
The Kentish Town Stuckists (2002-2010). Founder: Saba Milton. Email:
sabamilton [then @] yahoo.co.uk
The Algarve Stuckists (2007-10). Founder: Otelo Fabiγo. Email: otelomseven@hotmail.com
Web site: www.otelofabiao.com
The Brighton Stuckists (200-11). 
Founder: Dan Belton Tel: 01273 726301. Email: stuckistbrighton@hotmail.com
Web site: www.photobucket.com/brightonstuckists
+ www.myspace.com/brightonstuckists
The Haringey Stuckists (2006-14). Founder: Christy Avraam. Email: studio@christyavraam.com
Web site: www.christyavraam.com

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