Charles Thomson on the Stuckists manifesto, Billy Childish
and various disagreements - AMFM Magazine (2.12.16)


International art movement for contemporary figurative painting with ideas. Anti the pretensions of conceptual art. Anti-anti-art. The first Remodernist art group. Daubers (daubing is the new painting). Founded 1999.
There are 236 Stuckist groups in 52 countries.

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Lies, Damned Lies and Serota at the BBC

(Counterpunch 4.11.16)
Also in print in The Jackdaw

Stuckist artist Annie Zamero in right royal bust-up
London Evening Standard (14.11.16)

Terry Marks,
NY Stuckist interviewed on
Tall Tale Radio (29.8.16) Terry Marks website

Ceramicist Liz Crain on Stuckism
+ Modernism diagram here (17.11.16)

Ron Throop of USA on his collaboration with the Russian Stuckists here.
Moscow Stuckist show featured on State Hermitage Museum
Facebook page (1.11.16)


Charles Thomson, Stuckists co-founder, on Turner Prize,
ITN News at Ten (26.9.16). Watch video here.

Okechukwu Uwaezuoke quotes Stuckist in This Day (Nigeria) (11.12.16), archived here.

Stuckists mentioned in Le Figaro (6.12.16)

Michael Glover fantasises about Stuckists in The Independent (7.12.16)

Waldemar Januszczak in praise of Stuckists
in The Sunday Times (18.12.16)

What Has the Turner Prize Ever Done for Us?
(19.11.16) BBC2, includes Stuckist demo. Was here

Sign the Turner Prize petition here.

For the Stuckists, an anti conceptual art group of artists who have been protesting against the prize since 2000, it was this year unforgivably dull.

Charles Thomson, co-founder of the group, said: “It is appalling that innocent victims expecting to see challenging art should end up bored to death. I have lost several friends in the last few weeks.

“There needs to be immediate action. The Turner prize should be shut down before more people end up meeting their demise from sheer boredom."

The Guardian (5.12.16)

Article also in Egypt Today, Yemen Today, Sina (China)

Turner Prize: 5 December 2016

Above is the dress rehearsal. Click images for print size files, approx 1 MB each (open in new window).

Art Clown of the Year Award 2016

The anonymous hooded and totally impartial judges were deadlocked by the appalling low standard of entries and were forced for the first time to make a joint award to both Nicholas Deller and Jeremy Serota.

And the four nominees were

Jeremy Deller
Jeremy Deller
Jeremy Deller
Sir NIcholas Serota
Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller

The anonymous hooded and totally impartial judges are pleased to nominate Jeremy Deller, once winner of the Boring Turner Prize, for his crtiical incisiveness about the Stuckists on the BBC2 programme What Has the Turner Prize Ever Done for Us (19.12.16):

"The first thing about them is they're very bad painters. They go on about how great painting is and all that stuff, but actually, technically, not many of them are that good. And I'm sure most conceptual artists can paint just as well as, or better than, those Stuckists, weirdly. They're the UKIP of art, aren't they really."

For the judges' woffly comments see the Facebook page here.


Jeremy Deller

The anonymous hooded etc

Jeremy Deller

The anonymous hooded etc

Sir Nicholas Serota

The anonymous hooded and totally impartial judges are pleased to nominate Sir Nicholas Serota, once Chairman of the Boring Jeremy Deller Prize, and soon to be once Director of the Tate gallery, thank God, for his bare-faced lie :

“The rules of course were invented after we had flouted them.”

After Sue Macgregor asked him on BBC Radio 4 programme The Reunion: Tate Modern (23.9.16) about the Tate’s purchase in 2005 of its trustee Chris Ofili’s work, The Upper Room: “The Charity Commission said you didn’t quite follow the rules here.”

See the helpful article "Lies, Damned Lies and Serota at the BBC: the Tate Director’s Unsuitability for Arts Council Chairman"
in print in The Jackdaw (Nov/Dec 2016) and online in Counterpunch.

Jeremy Deller

The anonymous hooded etc

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