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Policy enquiries
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General Editor:
Jim Dennis

News and features:
Paul Evans

Contributing editor:
Li Jingyan

Editor emeritus:
Peter McArdle

Advisory board:
Dr Khatereh Ahmadi
John Bourne MPhil
Leo Goatley BSc (legal advisor)

Send enquiries about editorial policy, marked "Jim Dennis" in subject box, to stuckism@yahoo.co.uk
General enquiries about Stuckism, email as above or phone: #44 (0) 20 8343 4282

For other enquiries regarding artists wishing to affiliate or students needing research material, please see Enquiries page.

General policy
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This is the web site of the first Stuckist group, founded in 1999 by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish (who left the group in 2001).

It is the policy of this site to publicise the activities of the group, its artists and related activities, and to keep a historical record of this. We also feature news and information on people who have been part of, or associated with, the group in the past. Information about other Stuckist groups is included at our discretion (there are now over 200 independent, artist-led Stuckist groups worldwide), as well as information about any other parties or activities we find relevant or of interest.

The contents of this site are not endorsed by any other organisation, including other Stuckist groups. We do not have any responsibility for, nor do we necessarily endorse, any external sites or organisations (including other Stuckist groups) mentioned on, or linked to by, this site.

It is the aim of this site to create an accurate historical record. To this end we try to ensure factual accuracy. Material is first reviewed editorially and then independently when uploaded. We welcome corrections to any inadvertent mistakes. We also offer "right of reply" to individuals or groups commented on in this site.

This site is for non-profit educational purposes.

Artists' and other work used on this site
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Images or text included on this site with the knowledge and endorsement of the artist/photographer/author are accepted on the basis that we have permission to use this material for promotional purposes, to keep and display the material for historic record, and to illustrate in the future any relevant references to that person's connection with Stuckism. This material will be made generally available as specified in the section below, Use of images and text. Within the context stated, authority to act as agent for this material is granted to the site editor, currently Jim Dennis, in liaison with Stuckist founder, Charles Thomson.

See section below, Exceptions to use of images and text, for where this does not apply.

Permalink: GFDL

Index of material released under GFDL can be found here.

GFDL release applies to:
Photo of Spectrum London Gallery, during the Go West show, showing Charles Thomson's painting Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision. Photo credit: "Charles Thomson, stuckism.com".

However, it will be easier for most people to just follow the permission at Use of images and text below.

Use of images and text
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This site exists to promote the work of Stuckist artists and to extend the knowledge and understanding of that work. To that end, material on the site is available free for reproduction, under the guidelines set out below. Permission is granted in good faith, and we reserve the right to withdraw such permission in the event that we consider it has been abused: please note, criticism of our work does not constitute such abuse. Details of images and excerpts from text may usually be used, if clearly marked as such. As regards "commercial use": if other people are getting a fee, or would normally get a fee, for contributing to a particular work, then we expect to get one as well, and require normal commercial clearance to be obtained from us before use. Anyone reproducing "free encyclopedia" Wikipedia articles may also reproduce our material in the context of any such articles, even if those articles are used "commercially". In case of query or to obtain commercial licences, please get in touch as below.

Use of images
Images up to 600 pixels maximum dimension on this site may be used on the following terms. Paintings should be given their title and photos should have the subject identified, e.g. "Stuckist Turner Prize demonstration, Tate Britain, December 20062". The image should be credited to the artist/photographer and this site, e.g. "Jim Dennis, stuckism.com" or where the originator's name is not given, then simply to "stuckism.com". Images may be reduced in size or adjusted for accurate colour.

Use of text
Text on this site may be used on the following terms. The work should be given its proper title and credited to the author(s) and this site, e.g. "Jim Dennis, stuckism.com" or where the originator's name is not given, then simply to "stuckism.com". Excerpts may be used, but should be marked as such, and any missing text marked (e.g. by three dots ...). Otherwise the text should not be modified. An exception to this is where someone wants to modify a Stuckist manifesto written by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish to make their own version of it, in which case specify this is what you have done.

Moral rights
The moral rights of the creator are asserted in all cases.

Exceptions to use of images and text
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Some images or text are included under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) "fair dealing", which includes purposes of "criticism and review and news reporting" (s. 29, 30), and the US Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. 107 "fair use", which includes purposes of "criticism, comment, news reporting". Any further use must comply with this. This site is for non-profit educational purposes.

Permission per Use of images and text does not apply to the following:

Excerpts, quotations and reprints from newspapers, books and broadcast media.
Generally to artwork not by Stuckist artists.
Artwork by Stella Vine
Artwork by Gina Bold
Artwork by Angela Edwards
Artwork by
Monika Gorsky
Artwork by Anna Gurgis

The White vs Childish poster on Childish.html
The plain clothes Stuckist demo group photo on Tate01.html

This list is not exhaustive, and may apply to other material. In case of doubt, please email stuckism@yahoo.co.uk for clarification. Please also email details of work to added to this list.

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