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A minor error in the Pittsburgh mentions in the "United States" section was pointed out by Chris Griswold, an editor of Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Stuckism_in_America . This was corrected on 24.1.07 but remains in the Pdf format of this listing.

Stuckism in the media 1999-2000, including press, radio and TV. All dates are in UK format, day-month-year.

For later press coverage see Press cuttings. For other languages, see Non-English. For specific artists, see Artists' press.
For press on specific subjects see Stuckist demonstrations and Tate Trustee Scandal. For blogs, see blogs page.
For press prior to 2002, see UK News and International News pages.

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BBC Radio 4, Today  (11.9.99)  Debate between Thomson and Richard Cork, The Times Art Critic. 

BBC 2, Newsnight  (20.10.99)  Opening of Tate Turner Prize Show. Thomson, Jeremy Paxman, Brad Lochore (conceptualist).  Paintngs by Absolon, Castle, Guru, Howard, Thomson. 

BBC 1, News  (23.3.00)  Tate Britain opening.  Thomson,Gallery 108 ‘Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota’.  Painting: Howard.

BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight  (25.5.00)  Childish, B.Lewis, show at Metropole Arts Centre, Folkestone.

BBC Radio 4, Today  (23.10.00)  Crompton + Simon Wilson (Tate curator) on  Turner Show and Real Turner Prize Show 2000

BBC TV News 24 (23.10.00)  Childish and Thomson. Broadcast hourly.

BBC Radio 4, Midweek  (22.11.00)  Childish with Libby Purves.

Channel 4, Turner Prize Show  (28.11.00)  Matthew Collings on clown demo: “Well done, the Stuckists”.

BBC TV Choice, Liquid News (29.11.00)  Thomson on Tate Britain steps (BBC banned from interviewing Stuckists inside).

BBC 1, Have I Got News for You  (1.12.00)  Angus Deayton and Matthew Collings (“I was with them in spirit”) on clown demo.


The Sunday Times   (1.8.99)  “The Stuckists fight back against Brit Art - Painting by Thomson on front cover of Culture supplement plus double page feature with three paintings (Childish and Thomson) in colour.

The Times  (26.8.99)  “a revolution waiting to happen - Page 7 lead story.  Paintings (in colour): Guru, Howard, B.Lewis.

The Guardian  (14.9.99)  “in danger of breaking into the mainstream - Feature on Childish.  Woodblock print.

The Express  (25.9.99)  “Brit Art? That's so yesterday..The Stuckists have certainly put the cat among the pigeons - Page feature on Stuckists.

The Times, Tracey Emin (2.10.99)  “it's a good, healthy thing - Heart-felt comment during extensive interview.

The Independent  (9 .10.99)  “Twelve artists react against 20-th century modernism - Listing.

The Guardian  (25.10.99)  “will go down in art history as the defining moment of the…Anti-Stuckist movement - ‘Anti Stuckism’ was a slogan (as shown in photo) on the torso of one of the demonstrators who jumped on Emin’s ‘My Bed’ in the Tate.

The Daily Telegraph  (25.10.99)   ‘Anti Stuckism’slogan mentioned as above..

The Daily Telegraph  (20.1.00) - sensationally fashionable Gallery 108's forthcoming exhibition of Stuckism"  Diary story trailing ‘The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota’ exhibition.

The Daily Telegraph  (29.1.00) - poking fun at the new Brit-art establishment, in much the same way that in the Twenties the Dadaists mocked conventional ideas… but, joking aside, the Stuckist manifesto is making serious points about the commodification of art as fashion and the tyranny of the marketplace” Magazine: 7 pages on Childish.  2 paintings.

The Times  (4.3.00) - Call for Tate boss to quit”.  News story on Open Letter to Sir Nicholas Serota.

The Express  (7.3.00)  “Tate Gallery director in a state of …‘semi-tumescence’ - Diary story on guest artist Jane Kelly.

The Daily Telegraph  (11.3.00)  “great art”  ‘The Resignation of  Sir Nicholas Serota’.  Thomson painting.

The Independent on Sunday  (26.3.00)  “Anti-Establishment art group - Listing.

The Observer  (14.5.00)  “behind the humour is also a desire for serious debate... With interest from artists and galleries in Germany, France, Argentina and Australia, plus a student support group from Camberwell School of Art, the movement has definitely struck a chord” ‘Resignation’  show to Folkestone. Paintings (in colour): Everall/Castle. 

The Sunday Times  (16.7.00) - style of painting Stuckist - Mention of Childish at end of Emin £150,000 bed story.   

The Mail on Sunday  (27.8.00)  “dedicated to the overthrow of conceptual art - Advance warning of Turner Prize demo.

The Independent on Sunday  (15.10.00)  “launches its Real Turner Prize Show 2000 later this month - Stuckism mentioned during interview with Sir Paul McCartney.

The Sunday Telegraph  (22.10.00)  “The painters…intend to dress as clowns…and wander around the gallery” Diary story on forthcoming demo at Tate Britain.

The Times  (23.10.00)  “plan to storm the Turner Prize ceremony dressed as clowns - Arts Diary story.

The Guardian  (24.10.00)  “launched a CD of their Turner Prize song: Art or Arse? You be the Judge.”  Story on opening of  Tate Turner Prize Show and Stuckist challenge.  Photo of Guru and painting.

The Times  (25.10.00)  “showing their work at the Pure Gallery in London”  Opening of Turner Prize Show (& rival).

The Sunday Telegraph  (29.10.00)  “Emin image Tracey does not want you to see”  Doyen photos in Real Turner Show.

Times Educational Supplement  (3.11.00)  “a whole new movement - Artbeat column.

The Independent on Sunday  (5.11.00)  “part of the Stuckists’ Real Turner Prize Show - Visual Art Choice.  E. Doyen.

The Independent on Sunday  (12.11.00)  “plucky…‘Stuckists’ take on the mighty ‘Turner Prize’ team”  Parsnips.

The Guardian  (24.11.00)  “an optimist might see here the beginning of dialogue - Letter from Jane Green.

The Guardian  (29.11.00)  “Turner winner riles the Stuckists - Page 3 headline the morning after the Turner Prize award.


London Weekend Television, Nightlife  (24.9.99)  First show ‘STUCK! STUCK! STUCK!’  Interviews with Childish, Thomson, B. Lewis, Guru, Crompton (promoter), Helen Sumpter (art journalist).  Paintings: B.Lewis, Machine and others.

News Direct Radio  (23.10.00)  Thomson interview broadcast hourly through the day

BBC 1, Newsroom South East  (23.10.00)  Childish and Thomson (Pure Gallery: various paintings).

BBC London Live Radio (23.10.00) Childish and Thomson.  Interview from Private View of Real Turner Prize Show 2000.

London Weekend Television, Artworks  (5.11.00)  Childish and Thomson (Pure Gallery).  Painting: Williams and others.

BBC London Live Radio  (28.11.00)  am: Thomson. pm: Matthew Robinson (Students for Stuckism). eve: Thomson and Charlotte Gavin

BBC 1, Newsroom South East   (28.11.00)  Thomson on Tate Britain steps with Stuckists dressed for clown demonstration. 


The Evening Standard  (23.7.99)  “The backlash has begun against the Turner prize - Diary.  First media mention.

The Evening Standard  (16.9.99)  “champion(ing) the emotional integrity of figurative painting”  Galleries Choice.

London Metro  (20.9.99)  “there's no denying that the Stuckists have a case - Stuck!Stuck!Stuck! show.  Painting:Williams.

The Evening Standard  (20.9.99)  “Twelve artists react against contemporary trends - Listing.

The Evening Standard  (24.9.99)  “a far more authentic ‘ism’ than Saatchi's brand - Neurotic Realism by Simon Grant.

London Metro  (13.1.00)  “leading a backlash against the sterile ‘cleverness’ of Brit Art... intelligent insight - Item on talk by Childish and Thomson at Salon des Arts, Kensington.

The Evening Standard  (6.3.00)  “Serota in front of a large pair of red underpants - Diary on ‘Resignation’ show.

London Metro  (9.3.00)  “anti-endorsements of Serota's curatorial decisions - ‘Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota’ show.

What’s On in London  (14.6.00)  “set out to remove the mask of cleverness attached to art”  Talk by Thomson/Childish as part of The Institute of Ideas.

The Evening Standard  (16.6.00)  "manifesto on modern writing”  Diary on Childish/Thomson in Dazed & Confused.

The Evening Standard  (16.10.00)  “A devious plot…to make a laughing stock of next month’s Turner Prize - Lead story in Londoner’s Diary on forthcoming clown demo at Tate Britain against Turner Prize..

The Evening Standard  (23.10.00)  “good old-fashioned painting - ‘From Tomorrow – Art’

The Evening Standard  (24.10.00)  “ridicules Emin...Damien Hirst, Charles Saatchi and Sir Nicholas Serota” Diary.

The Evening Standard  (24.10.00)  “an antidote to the Tate’s offerings”  Start of Turner Prize Show. Thomson + painting.

The Evening Standard  (26.10.00)  “old-fashioned values such as spiritual integrity, emotional communication…”  Page article by Hettie Judah.  Colour photo of Childish, Crompton, Thomson: several paintings visible (Pure Gallery).

The Evening Standard  (26.10.00)  “Uproar at Tate Britain…handing out The Real Turner Prize manifesto”  Diary.

The Evening Standard  (30.10.00)  “there is a distinct lack of criteria for assessing Brit Art”  Rachel Jordan letter.

The Evening Standard  (31.10.00)  “It must have longed…for Stuckists to hold protest events”   R.Moore on RIBA prize.

The Big Issue  (6.11.00)  “The Stuckists continue their protest against conceptual art - Recommended Art.

The Evening Standard  (7.11.00)  “Alive and Well and Dying in Chatham”  ‘From Tomorrow – Photography’ by Doyen.

London Metro  (9.11.00)  “Emin must feel they are still joined at the hip”  Photo show by Doyen at Real Turner Prize Show.

The Evening Standard  (15.11.00)  “illustrates how controversial an area art can be”  Homes & Property supplement.

The Evening Standard  (24.11.00)  “presenting the Anti-Turner Prize on the steps of the Tate”  Londoner’s Diary lead story on Stuckist ‘Art Clown of the Year’ prize to be awarded by Margaret Walsh, Damien Hirst’s godmother

The Evening Standard  (29.11.00)  “Charles Saatchi was awarded The Stuckist’s…Art Clown of the Year”  Diary.


Highbury & Islington Express  (27.8.99)  “the real deal”  Feature on Castle.

Hendon & Finchley Times  (7.10.99)  “The movement is going from strength to strength”  Thomson.Front page painting.

Hampstead & Highgate Express, Helen Smithson, Art Critic  (8.10.99)  “Whether you like the work or not is hardly the question: it somehow rings true... The show displays the work of the 12-strong group and is linked undeniably by the directness that Thomson lays claim to. ‘The work is about an authentic engagement with experience and vision, which is put into pictures that communicate that clearly, directly and memorably,’ he says. Whether this is Archway-based Ella Guru's dramatic portraits of men in beehive wigs...an axe-wielding Jayne Mansfield figure by the self-taught artist Joe Machine, or RA-trained Charles Williams's Home from the Abbatoir. They are nothing if not direct. It is this emotional honesty that seems to be at the core of the work... Humour, rather than the 'wit' of the YBAs is another appealing aspect to their work.”  First art critic to visit and write on a Stuckist show.

Hendon & Finchley Times  (9.3.00)  “hold Sir Nicholas [Serota] responsible for art which is more about slick marketing and cynicism than talent”  ‘The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota’ at Gallery 108.

Hendon & Finchley Times  (23.3.00)  “pokes fun at Tate Gallery director Sir Nicholas Serota”  Diary story.

Hampstead & Highgate Express  (24.3.00)  “splendidly satirical”  ‘Resignation’ show. Painting: Thomson (colour)

East Anglian Daily Times (21.4.00) “galvanising the art establishment”  Ipswich.  Paintings: Castle,Howard,Thomson (colour).

Folkestone Herald  (18.5.00)  “relishing the freedom and expression… seeking to reinstate painting as the art form of  the 21st century - Stuckist show in Folkestone. Castle painting (b/w).

Folkestone Herald  (25.5.00)  “the public seems pretty impressed, even if the critics aren't”  4 paintings (Ming front page).

Kentish Express  (1.6.00)  “a group of writers and painters”  The show.  Group photo (b/w).

Hackney Gazette  (19.10.00)  “paintings which portray ‘a clear image’”  ‘Real Turner Prize Show’.  Painting: Machine (b/w) 

Highbury & Islington Express (27.10.00)  “Turner Prize’s more outrageous entries have made it a national joke”  On Real Turner Prize Show 2000.  Photo: Crompton in front of Childish’s paintings, Pure Gallery. 

Hampstead & Highgate Express  (27.10.00)  “circumnavigated the need to bang on the door of the art establishment

by building its own”  On Real Turner Prize Show. Painting: Machine (colour).  


Sky Magazine  (December 1999)  “Now old skool art sensationalists like Damien Hirst and Chris Ofili are the new establishment there's no shortage of bright young replacements. Leading the pack are the Stuckists - One of 99 things for the new millenium (and the only artists).

Dazed & Confused  (July 00) - the only group of contemporary painters and writers in the country to have achieved a national profile without the backing of institutions, wealthy private patronage and the sycophancy of gutless critics - Double page spread.  Specially-commissioned Writing Manifesto by Childish/Thomson

The Economist  (28.10.00)  “part of a backlash against the ‘Cool Britannia’ phenomenon of the mid-1990s”  An article on Britain’s artists and designers.

Bizarre  (Feb 01)  “no interest in the pretentious trappings”  Feature on Childish.


British Art Show 5, The Arts Council  (2000)  “projects include The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota”  On Childish.

Perspective, Kent Institute of Art & Design  (Autumn 00)  “high profile artists” 2 pages, paintings:Absolon,Childish,Thomson

The Arts Club Journal  (Autumn 00) - the beginnings of a twenty-first century attempt to reassert meaning over nihilism - Two page special feature from Dover Street Arts Club by Hugh Morrison.  Includes two Thomson paintings (b/w).

The Jackdaw  (Nov 00)  “campaign against ‘conceptual rubbish’”  Notice of Real Turner Prize Show 2000. 

The Jackdaw  (Dec 00)  “objective is to show that an alternative exists to the official visual culture”  Story on show.

Art Review  (Dec/Jan 01 )  “a multi-talented bunch”  Real Turner Prize Show 2000.  Guru painting.

Art Review  (Feb 01)  “advocates of ‘real art’”  Opens news story on Turner.


Varsity  (5.5.00)  “heralded as the way forward”  Cambridge student newspaper. 3 paintings: Absolon, Thomson  (colour).

Pink Paper  (3.3.00)  “Subject matter and titles can be riotously funny, and there is a definite sexual undertone.”   Article on Ming.  Painting (colour). 


Currently search engines can locate around 100 entries for Stuckism or Stuckists. These include newspaper sites, art sites, bulletin boards, sites in English, French, German, Greek and Croatian.  Google has cached pages.


Cyprus Mail  (3.12.00) - The Stuckists want to see more painting and drawing - Report on Stuckist clown Tate demo. 


ARD (Sept 99)  Thomson comments on Emin in Turner Prize Show.

Die Welt  (27.10.99)  “So viel Witz and Originalität geht Saatchis Neurotischen Realisten ganz und gar ab.

 (Such wit and originality is completely missing in Saatchi's Neurotic Realism.)  Page on Saatchi/Stuckism.  Guru painting.

Junge Welt  (6.11.99)  Includes the Stuckist Manifesto in German.  Guru painting (b/w).

Gegner, Berlin  (Dec 99)  Double page article.  Includes the Stuckist Manifesto in German.

Magazin  (March 00)  Stuckist show + Ming/Guru band.  Painting: Guru.

Die Welt, Hamburg  (30.3.00)  Stuckist show in Hamburg.  Thomson painting  (colour).

Junge Welt  (5.3.00)  Includes Remodernism manifesto in German.

Junge Welt  (31.5.00)

Superstar  (Oct 00)  Four page interview Childish/Guru/Ming/Thomson.  Paintings by them + B.Lewis/Castle/Howard (colour).


The Scotsman  (29.9.99) - shaking up the arts world - Feature on Childish.

Scotland on Sunday  (16.4.00) - Three cheers”   Childish in British  Art Show 5.

The Herald  (28.11.00)  “an alternative ceremony will be trying to grab the headlines - Story on Stuckists/Turner Prize.

Bern Zeitung (31.3.00)  On Stuckists + Ming/Guru band.  Photo: Ming/Guru

Gulf News  (18.4.00)  “‘The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota’ addresses important, and maybe burning, issues about modern art... the Stuckists... have made it their mission to return modern art to its rightful place in a spiritual and philosophical tradition… Angered by the banal and cynical materialism of the YBA (Young British Artists) such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, the Stuckists have called for a return to real concepts instead of empty conceptualism, to real craftsmanship instead of rumpled beds or pickled sharks. And, as an indication of how mainstream the YBA have now become, the Stuckists regard themselves as the outsiders,the mavericks” ‘From London’


CNN International  (25.9.99)  “a radical new art movement”  Global broadcast on first show STUCK! STUCK! STUCK!

Hotair, Chrissy Iley, Virgin Atlantic  (Oct-Dec 99)  “there is a serious point to all this... the Stuckists... are fundamentally opposed to the way that Brit Art favours the conceptual over all aesthetic considerations. `Brit Shit', as they refer to the work of Emin and her cohorts, has become all shock and no value.”  The inflight glossy magazine.

ARTnews, New York  (June 00)  “against works by young Britist artists, which they call ‘Brit shit’” Thomson painting.

Resonance, Seattle  (issue 28, Jan 00)  Double page on Childish: five paintings (b/w)

INPGH (In Pittsburgh Weekly) (1.11.00) "The new word in art is Stuckism. A Stuckist paints their life, mind and soul with no pretensions and no excuses." Susan Constanse show 'Personal Thunderstorms' (Pittsburgh Stuckists).

INPGH (In Pittsburgh Weekly) (15.11.00) "the international anti-movement Stuckism. It sticks up for authenticity and spirituality found in non-professional art against the conceptual star system" Susan Constanse show (Pittsburgh Stuckists).

Pittsburgh City Paper (22.11.00) "Stuckist Paintings by Susan Constanse" show listing National Public Radio (forthcoming)  Interview with Childish/Thomson.

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