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Current shows here

1999 Stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Gallery 108
2000 The First Art Show Of the New Millennium. Salon des Arts
2000 The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota. Gallery 108
2000 The Stuckists: New Paintings The Arts Club
2000 The Resignation of Sir Nicholas Serota. Red Dot Gallery, Ipswich.
2000 Stuck! Paintings by the Stuckists. Metropole Arts Centre, Folkestone.
2000 Students for Stuckism: A Remodernist Painting Show and Talk. Salon des Arts
2000 Stuck! A Show of Stuckist Paintings. St Martin's College, Lancaster.
2000 The Real Turner Prize Show. Pure Gallery
2001 The Stuckists: The First Remodernist Art Group. Artbank Gallery
2001 The Oxford Stuckists First Exhibition
2001 Vote Stuckist
2001 Stuck in Worthing
2002 Stuck Up North!
2002 I Don't Want a Painting Degree if it Means Not Painting. Stuckism International Gallery
2002 The First Stuckist International. Stuckism International Gallery
2002 The Real Turner Prize Show 2002
2003 A Dead Shark Isn't Art. Stuckism International Gallery
2003 The Stuckists Summer Show. Stuckism International Gallery
2003 Stuck in Worthing, Again
2003 Stuck in Wednesbury. Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery
2003 War on Blair. Stuckism International Gallery
2004 Members Only: the Artist Group in Contemporary Japan and Britain
2004 Stuckist Classics. Stuckism International Gallery
2004 The Stuckists Punk Victorian. Walker Art Gallery and Lady Lever Art Gallery
2004 "Stigmata" or "Censorious": The Stuckists Punk Victorian. Rivington Gallery.
2004 Stuck in the Country
2004 Stuckist Punk Victorian Lite If You Can't Be Bothered to Go to Liverpool
2004 More of the Welsh Bit of the Stuckists Punk Victorian
2006 Go West. Spectrum London
2005 "Painting Is the Medium of Yesterday"—Paul Myners CBE, Chairman of Tate Gallery, Chairman of Marks and Spencer, Chairman of Aspen Insurance, Chairman of Guardian Media, Director of Bank of England, Director of Bank of New York. A Show of Paintings by the Stuckists, as Refused by the Tate Gallery. Guaranteed 100% Free of Elephant Dung. La Viande.
2006 The Triumph of Stuckism. Hope Gallery, Liverpool.
2007 Mark D and the Stuckists vs Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.
2007 I Won't Have Sex with You as long as We're Married. A Gallery.
2008 An Antidote to the Ghastly Turner Prize. View Two Gallery, Liverpool.
2009 The Stuckists Christmas Sale 2009

Shows at Stuckism International Gallery, London, here.

2000 The Real Turner Prize Show
2002 Stuck Down South

2006 United Colours ltd. in Brussels

2001 First Stuckist Show in Paris
2005 Les Stuckistes A Paris

2007 Under the Cover of Romantic Anonymity

2000 Stuckism in Germany
2000 Stuck in Freiburg
2000 Stuck in Köln
2004 Stuckists in the Walker—Stuckists in Lewenhagen
2006 Stuckomenta I in Hamburg
2006 Stuckomenta II in Lewenhagen
2007 Stuckomenta III in Munich
2007 Flotter stuckistischer Dreier in Hamburg

2002 Stuckist Paintings at the Fringe
2001 Touring Show
2002 We Just Wanna Show Some Fuckin' Paintings
2003 War on Bush
2004 The Stuckists Punk Victorian In the Toilet
2005 Addressing the Shadow and Making Friends with Wild Dogs: Remodernism

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