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Stuckist artists
See the contents page for info on Stuckists and former members.
For groups see groups list.

A cultural period inaugurated by Stuckism to promote new spiritual values to replace the emptiness of Postmodernism. Stuckism is the first Remodernist art group. See also online groups. Other independent organisations are:

Defastenism: web site http://www.defastenism.4t.com, promoting a revival of artistic vitalit. See statement.

The Deatrick Gallery, Kentucky here - the first self-declared 'Remodernist' gallery in the world.

Matt Bray has declared himself a Remodernist artist

Institute of Remodernism for non-artists to support Stuckist ideals. Contact c/o stuckism@yahoo.co.uk

Stuckism Photography www.stuckismphotography.com (defunct)

Friends and guests of the Stuckists

www.productionfriend.com Rick Friend is planning a film on Stuckism

www.art-for-a-change.com Mark Vallen's Website for Art Activism & Social Change.

www.3ammagazine.com Quality literary site, includes interviews with Ming, Thomson, Childish

www.poetsinschool.com James Armstrong and Geraldine Aldridge do poetry performances and workshops in schools. James' band played at the Fridge Gallery launch of Vote Stuckist show 2001.

Brotherhood of Ruralists: "more or less in keeping with Stuckist philosophy," as they say themselves.

The Arts Club. The place of early Stuckist social meetings. Private members club.

Lorna Miller: Brighton Comic artist

Alex Alien: his art the School of Francis Bacon

The Hereford Salon: something to do with Ranko Bon

http://members.lycos.co.uk/mentalmatters Luke Dunn: a writer and individual living in Ramsgate

www.barbaraneill-bottle.co.uk Readable poems and photos from Chatham lady.

www.tuscanweb.com Find accommodation in Tuscany. Site by Joel Sassoon

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Other artists

Sally Banfill - limited editions - lonley diners, old cars and cocktails - open 24 hours.

Famous artists

Warholstars Comprehensive and authoritative site on Andy Warhol.

Vincent van Gogh This amazing site contains ALL of van Gogh's paintings, drawings and letters.
Van Gogh's Cafe
: The place for fans of van Gogh's art to meet.

J.M.W. Turner R.A.Turner - the artist, not the prize. Site which campaigns on behalf of the late great painter.

Pablo Picasso Onlne Picasso Project (archived)

Vorticist web site - something to do with Nichollas Hamper

Damien Hirst A comprehensive site, just so you can see the sheer awfulness of it all.

Jenny Saville An artist whose talent has been sadly undermined by a stifling conceptual art environment

Art info

ArtWatch UK Monitors museum art restorations - some shocking stories

Roland Collection Films and videos about art of all periods. Films and clips can be downloaded.

Art Dictionary All sorts of stuff from art periods to measurement of light intensity.

Artrumour London art scene. Site now defunct, but old issues are still online.

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What's on guides

London art guide from Spoonfed - comprehensive and independent site


ArtWatch International monitors (often dubious) conservation of art. ArtWatch UK UK branch

http://dblackie.blogs.com Watchdog site on the British Council

The Walker Art Gallery Liverpool. Internationally-renowned and government-funded like the Tate, but does the job the Tate ought to be doing by presenting new art movements (we do particularly have the Stuckist one in mind) to the general public.

The Tate Gallery Modern Art museum in London. Has a few good paintings that you can view when the rooms are not closed for redecorating, or being used as embalming studios or bedrooms.

Mall Galleries "traditional modern" is we believe the term that applies here. A number of different art societies under the umbrella of the FBA (Federation of British Artists).

Museum of Bad Art which actually contains some rather good art, certainly preferable to the Turner Prize.

Hoxton/Shoreditch & environs

www.artshole.co.uk Artshole - specialising in student art - a good idea.

www.artwords.co.uk Artwords Bookshop, 65a Rivington Street London EC2A 3QQ Tel: 020 7729 2000 Email: shop@artwords.co.uk Stocks books you would expect in Shoreditch, but stocks The Stuckists too.

www.laviande.co.uk Now closed. Independent gallery (in the former Stuckism International premises)

www.thecentreofattention.org Now moved and itinerant. The Centre of Attention. Intrepid gallerists Pierre & Gary. Beware of bar staff.

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Fire risk of linseed oil

Drying oils/linseed oil on rags/tissues can spontaneously combust. Lindsey Jardine said it happened to her (post on facebook): "DO NOT throw yr paper towels soaked in drying linseed oil in the trash- it WILL spontaneously catch flames!!!!!!!! ... it was a wad of paper towels completely soaked with oil because it was a clean up after a spill. and 3 hours later that shit was smokin! hah! there's a danger warning in the smallest print on the bottle: "Product may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place rags in a sealed water-filled metal container.""

The Winsor and Newton Health and Safety Data Sheets for drying oils say: "Possible spontaneous combustion on drying." Wolf House burnt down from a fire started in this way. See fire report: "A loosely piled handful of cotton rags dampened with boiled linseed oil has been shown by our experiments to be capable of self-heating to flaming ignition in a few hours."

Practical advice for artists

Paintersstudio Use of paints and mediums, stretching a canvas etc

About painting good site with sound advice on cleaning your brushes properly.

Artistsanon "a web site for amateurs who don't take themselves too seriously".

Anweb the opposite to Artistsanon: how to launch a career, get commissions and be self-employed etc

Materials & services

Paints: Oil - Old Holland or Michael Harding. Acrylic - Lascaux or Liquitex.

Best prices for Old Holland: Bird & Davis, 45 Holmes Rd, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AN. www.birdanddavis.co.uk Email: birdltd@aol.com Tel: 020 7485 3797

Best prices for Lascaux: AP Fitzpatrick, 142 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E1 5QJ.
www.apfitzpatrick.co.uk Email: info@apfitzpatrick.co.uk Tel: 020 7790 0884

Giclee prints
www.hangmeup.co.uk Great service for giclee prints and/or photography of your work by Samantha Wordie.

www.futuregrafixltd.com Postcards, fliers, brochures and design service. Good quality, fast and low prices. Used by Mark D and for 2008 Turner demo leaflets (A5 card folded)

www.azimuthprint.co.uk Good range of fliers, brochures etc. Good quality and prices, fast turn round and helpful. Used for 2009 Turner demo leaflets (A4 gloss paper cross fold).

www.weebadgers.com Fast, friendly, efficient, helpful, good quality and low prices for smaller quantities. Used for 2008 Turner demo button badge ("The Turner Prize is crap").

www.bluepanda.co.uk Very fast and efficient. Good prices on larger quantities. Used for 2009 Turner demo 45mm badge ("The Turner Prize is dead").

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Sites with loadsalinks

Ahumanbeing links for art, artists, photography, music, search engines

www.all-out-art.com political artists, comic artists, art organisations. Some interesting links here.


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Art laugh

www.googleplex.com Comix, interviews, and weird news.

The Turnip Prize : "The Turnip Prize is a crap art competition...You can enter anything you like, but it must to be rubbish."

Market-O-Matic Create your own instant art gobbledygook

www.ufocomes.de Digital art and UFOs - fake your own flying saucer photo

Art Quiz Take the quiz: is it art, or is it just plain old crap?

Other laughs

Have a laugh on the archive of misheard lyrics.

Fortify your spirit and take heart from one man's heroic efforts to mount a show against all the odds (and in Cornwall too). Read the tale (word doc) by Jonathan Coudrille .

If you're feeling philosphical download mp3 of If God smoked cannabis or here to play.
PS it's not by Weird Al Yankovich - it's a Bob Rivers parody of Joan Osbourne's One of Us. PPS Tony Baloney knows Al Yankovich.

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