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  • JAN 2005 -
  • New French translations of manifestos: Remodernism | Anti-Anti-Art | Turner Prize | Letter to Serota
  • New Stuckist groups in Vienna, Kentucky Mooleyville (sculptors), Minneapolis, Stuttgart, Pakistan, Goettingen Photographers, East Kent, Soho here
  • Submissions invited for first Stuckist show in Greece. Details here
  • New web site for Godfrey Blow (Perth Stuckists) here . New web site for Athens Stuckists here
  • Tracey Emin's view of the Stuckists - previously only known to Australians here
  • Suggestions for vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square include, erm, 'plastinated Stuckists' on www.martian.fm
  • Are there any painters left? Answer on Tate Gallery website
  • Photos of Stuckism Photography show at Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool here
  • Calgary Stuckists (Canada) version of the Stuckist manifesto here
  • New web site for Anne Forte (Edinburgh Stuckists) here
  • Download price list for The Stuckists Punk Victorian show as Excel doc here
  • Listen to Bill Lewis, founder Stuckist, on Stuckism and Remodernism on the BBC site
  • Tony Juliano's photos of the show and artists at The Stuckists Punk Victorian, Liverpool here
  • Exclusive Billy Childish interview 'That Tracey Emin Thing' about his new novel Sex Crimes of the Futcher - well, is it all about Emin or not? Download word doc here
  • Wideshut magazine (www.wideshut.com) - intro to Stuckism here, selected gallery here
  • Defastenism, the second (and only other) independent Remodernist art group, going strong here
  • Dan Belton (Brighton Stuckists) now has a web site
  • "STUCKISTS TEAR INTO BRITART'S FINEST" The Independent 4.11.04 - cutting here
  • Jess Richards reviews Liverpool Biennial and Stuckists Punk Victorian in NY ARTS
  • New Stuckist groups in Paris Latin Quarter, Merseyside (Liverpool), Tunbridge Wells, the Oval (London) first groups in Denmark and New Zealand here
  • SEPT-DEC 2004
  • Stuckist comment on Damien Hirst Pharmacy sale here
  • New Stuckist groups in York, Istanbul, St Martin (French West Indies), Lisbon, Bristol, Madrid, Enfield, West Hampstead, Blackpool, Calgary, Arnhem, Kanto (Japan) and Delft here
  • First Stuckist Baby - Mr & Mrs Sexton Ming and Ella Guru here
  • New Stuckist groups in Philadelphia and St Louis Missouri here
  • New site for Naive John (Liverpool Stuckists) here*
  • On beauty in art by Paul Harvey here
  • First publication of Childish/Thomson Career Manifesto in a new book here
  • Quote of the year courtesy of the Tate gallery here
  • New Stuckist group in Wednesbury (West Midlands) here
  • INDEPENDENT STUCKIST DISCUSSION FORUM run by Jody Meme at livejournal.com here*
  • Stuckist literary site up (from Florida). Submissions invited. Details here*
Background Picture
'The last cigar' by Ella Guru
More information on Ella here.