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There was a Stuckist demo outside Tate Britain on the opening of the Turner Prize,
29 October 2002,
and a clown demonstration on 8 December 2002, Turner Prize day.

Stuckist demo against the Turner Prize, Tate Britain 8 Dec 2002
Click on pics
Charles Thomson, Philip
Absolon, Gina Bold
Elsa Dax, Philip Absolon
Gina points a finger
Spot Sir Nicholas
Serota Competition

The first demo photo above has been used by 3AM Magazine, 3 12.9.02 here (scroll down), and 13.6.09 here;
and is on page 16 of The Stuckists Punk Victorian book (National Museums Liverpool).


The Guardian (9.11.02): "...or square up alongside Billy Childish - rock singer, former boyfriend of Tracey Emin, and Stuckist artist in his own right - who suggested at the BBC Collective website that it be renamed 'the Thatcher prize, in recognition of an art establishment that celebrates her despotic brand of nihilism.' "

The Guardian (9.12.02): "In the past week the winners of the Alternative Turner Prize, the Real Turner Prize, the Barbie Prize for children and the Clown of the Year Award - all either skits on the Turner or serious alternatives - have been named."

The art of Turner Protests (BBC) (31.10.02): mentions 2002 Stuckist demo

24 hour museum (6.12.02) feature on Stuckists Real Turner Prize.

News 24 (South Africa) from Reuters: "The Turner Prize is a national joke. It is the Emperor's new clothes," complained Charles Thomson of the "pro-painting, anti-conceptual art" Stuckist movement.

Radio Netherlands (4 minute audio, opens in Real Player) (1.11.02): Charles Thomson talks about the Turner Prize. (Accompanying article available on Internet Archive.)

Stuckist SP Howarth in Canada National Post (broken link)

Stuckists + Turner Prize history (Glasgow University) (broken link: article available on Internet Archive)


For the second year running Sir Nicholas Serota won the 'Art Clown of the Year Award' (for outstanding idiocy in the visual arts). The judges were extremely impressed by Sir Nicholas's ability to create a Turner Prize show which was even worse than last year's (and that in turn worse than the year before). The prize is a custard pie with the winner is invited to buy and push into their own face.

Other nominees : Jay Jopling, Charles Saatchi (winner 2000), Norman Rosenthal.

The Daily Telegraph (9.12.02):
"Members of the Stuckist Movement, formed to oppose "Turner Prize art", protested outside Tate Britain, in London, for much of yesterday dressed as clowns. They jokingly awarded a custard pie to Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Galleries and chairman of the prize committee, for being "Art Clown of the Year"."

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'Art or Arse' Stuckists Turner Prize song (courtesy Childish)

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